Peril and Power of College

By Julian Finholm The life of a college student is one of life’s more complicated stages. On one hand, it’s bound to be boring as you spend most of your time being forced to do things you don’t wish to do, like essays and exams. On the other hand, it’s quite a strength-building chapter in your life when you put in the effort towards getting things done. These character-building challenges can make anyone better at adapting to challenging topics, improve on interests that they are eager to improve on, and,...

Scholarship season: a breakdown

By Hannah Lee The University of Puget Sound, like all private schools, is more expensive to attend than a state school. So how can students justify the cost of going to an expensive private university? One way to offset the cost is through scholarships. Joan Potter, the scholarship coordinator for Student Financial Services, provides insight into the financial aid the University provides. She explained the difference between a grant and a scholarship, stating that “they’re both free money,” but that they “come from different sources.” Scholarships can be awarded by...

Access Student faces housing insecurity during breaks

By Emma Loenicker In the fall of 2014, the University of Puget Sound launched a new scholarship program for Tacoma Public School (TPS) students. This initiative is part of Puget Sound’s Access Programs which has offered enrichment opportunities in partnership with TPS for grades 7 to 12 since 1995. The Access Programs provide various opportunities for pre-college programming, including weekly tutoring, college-specific skill workshops, and the summer academic challenge program (SAC). Recipients of the Access Scholarship are typically students from low-income families, communities of color, or first-generation college students. Access...
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