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When and what kind of joke is “too soon”?

They fall under the umbrella of dark comedy and became prominent in the early 2000’s.  Just a few weeks after the September 11th attacks comedian Gilbert Gottfried made an attempt at a 9/11 gag that didn’t go over well with the audience, which caused someone in the crowd to yell “too soon.” Thus the phrase “what, too soon?” has developed into a kind of social constraint that arises when a current event is deemed too sensitive to be the topic of a joke. On paper “what, too soon?” jokes sound...
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Polygamy and polyamory examined

Polygamy: (n.) the state or practice of being married to more than one person at the same time Polyamory: (n.) the state or practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time Comparing the definitions of these two words, there seems to be little difference other than the word “marriage” and the words “open relationship”. Asking any person on the street, they would likely say that there was little to no difference between these two concepts. A likely response would be “Don’t they both mean being allowed...
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It’s finals week and obligations mean nothing

Finals week is finally here! Isn’t everyone excited? I’m excited. No, not for the tests or the stress or the cramming; I’m excited because finals week means that I can abandon all of my other responsibilities, to both myself and society. Some (my housemates) would say that final exams don’t mean the world stops, but don’t you think it should? Here are some things you have a right to not do because you have finals: ●       Shower: Some might say that maintaining personal hygiene is a responsibility you have, not...
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Body image impacts sexuality

The holiday season is a joyous time. With it comes a flurry of fun and, of course, food. Around this time people have been known to pack on a few pounds. A little extra weight can mean major stress for those owning a mirror. Body image is something many of us struggle with, as there is increasing pressure to look a certain way. Even those aware of the damaging standards that the media pushes face the same problem of insecurity; just because we know the standard is unobtainable does not...
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Sexual enhancement pill for women may soon be on the market

In its debut, Viagra burst into the pharmaceutical market, curing sexual performance issues for men. Many women have been waiting for the same magic pill to alleviate their own sexual issues related to both desire and performance. To some degree, we can blame the sexist nature of the world for prioritizing male sexual deficiencies over women's , but the lack of sex drive-enhancing drugs for women is a complex issue. Today, there are twenty four variations of male sexual performance/pleasure enhancing drugs on the market. This number is staggering compared...
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Chicken and waffles: a discussion

The SUB has been known to serve the occasional (frequent) questionably nutritious dish, yet their Chicken and Waffles selection takes the cake—which is quite possibly a healthier option.  Preferably, chicken or waffles should be mandated—but no, chicken and waffles.  “Why not take two delicious things and combine them?” IHOP’s specialty menu reads.  Of course, the fact that two equally delicious staples in American cuisine exist is no justification to put them together. Lucy Spurlick However, disagrees, saying: “I love the idea of Chicken and Waffles, why not make them one...
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Trans* folk of color face extreme prejudice

In spite of the overwhelming evidence indicating the prevalence of queerness and gender non-conformity throughout the histories of all cultures, places and even many species of animals, recent history has witnessed the rise of the phrase “the white man’s disease” in communities and countries of color to describe the phenomenon of non-heteronormativity. The phrase is meant to imply the innate Caucasian nature of queerness, denying its presence anywhere but the lives of white people. Similarly, in the mind of modern America, the thought of the average gay man or a...
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Is Thanksgiving still relevant, or should we do away with it?

by MELANIE SCHAFFER With the sweater weather, family love, and copious amounts of food, it’s hard for many American families to accept the fact that their beloved holiday is rooted in genocide.  With every passing year, it seems that more and more people are foregoing the feeling of family love, and focusing instead on the opportunities for social activism the holiday presents. The popular line given to most Americans at a young age  involves the Pilgrims and  Indians sharing food and all sitting down together to give thanks for their...
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