The Happy Trail is The Trail‘s weekly sex column that seeks to inform the community on issues related to sexuality and gender by addressing these topics in an education-based way. Our mission is to make the campus a safer place by normalizing and demystifying topics like safer sex practices, non-hetero sexualities, kinks and polyamory, while shedding light on topics like trans rights, sexual and domestic violence, gender inequalities and intersectionality. Happy Trail correspondents are not medical professionals; if you have a medical concern contact CHWS or a local clinic.

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Happy Trail Staff:

Lori Kelly, from Denver, CO, is an English literature and African American Studies double major. An avid enthusiast of her own vagina, Lori loves helping other people find their own sexual confidence while also educating them about safe, healthy practices.​ In her free time, she enjoys rewatching Grey’s Anatomy, researching new ideas for the bedroom and stress-eating barbecue chips.