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Why I’m Transferring to Pacific Lutheran University (Again)

By Grizz T. Logger The Combat Zone is intended as a satirical work. The views and opinions expressed by the Combat Zone do not necessarily reflect those of the Puget Sound Trail, ASUPS, concerned parties or the University of Puget Sound. Please submit compliments or complaints in the form of letters to the editor.    I really mean it this time. I meant it last time too, a year ago, but now the time is right. Along with the class of 2024, I will soon be gone. Originally, I intended to...
Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: MENA Awards

To The Trail, Below is the statement the MENA Student Association sent to the Office of the Dean of Students in response to our invitation to this year’s Leadership Awards Ceremony. The MENA Student Association will not be accepting the awards offered to us at this year’s Leadership Awards Ceremony. We feel that awarding the MENA Student Association these accolades allows UPS administration to paint a certain image of itself as supportive of our group’s work. This image is inconsistent with our experience, and we will not legitimize this disingenuousness...
Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Where did all the Black people go?

 To The Trail,  On October 20, 2023, it was brought to my attention by another Black colleague that the second-highest ranking Black administrator (second only to the president) at the University would not be returning to her position as an associate vice president. Apparently, I had missed the announcement in a university-wide email disseminated on Monday, October 16, the Monday of Fall Break, with a very nondescript subject heading: “Division of University Relations Staffing Update.” I assumed, like many people perhaps, that the email didn’t seem like something of importance....
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