Letters to the Editor

Background and Resolution from October Faculty Meeting:

At the October 2022 meeting of the Board of Trustees, the Board voted on the President’s recommendations to move the university towards financial equilibrium by the end of Fiscal Year 2026. General bullet points were shared with the university community. The plan was not. Faculty requested to see the full report and supporting documents that were provided by the President and ultimately approved by the Board. To date, the President has not shared those documents with the faculty. This is a departure from the transparency and collaborative process the president...
Letters to the Editor

Faculty clarification on information conveyed in the 10/28 issue of The Trail

From Monica DeHart, Nancy Bristow, Robin Jacobson, and Siddharth Ramakrishnan; all are previous members of the AAAPRC. In the hopes of clarifying the work and recommendations of the AAAPRC, we would note that our committee was charged with closing the university’s $10 million deficit by Fiscal Year 2025. Therefore, our recommendations to reduce 35 FTE faculty and consolidate programs were in response to that call, rather than an independent finding about what would be good for the health of our liberal arts institution. That proposal sought both to help bridge...
Arts & Events

When in doubt, don’t: cultural appropriation during Halloween

By: Ainsley Feeney     Halloween is the spookiest time of year, with scary movie marathons, candy-induced stomachaches, and creative costumes. However, for many people, Halloween’s biggest fright comes in a much more real form than any ghost story – cultural appropriation.   Cultural appropriation is taking aspects from a culture that is not your own, usually as a form of mockery. This can take the form of wearing culturally important clothing, jewelry, or hairstyles, speaking in an accent or language from another culture, or playing up cultural stereotypes in a...

Report finds University must cut staff, consolidate programs to avoid $10 million deficit

By Albert Chang-Yoo   On Sept. 26, 2022 the Comprehensive Academic, Administrative and Auxiliary Program Review (AAAPR) submitted a lengthy list of recommendations to combat the University’s financial woes. The review found that in order to avoid an expected $10 million deficit by 2025, the University must make significant changes, including faculty downsizing and program consolidation. President Crawford will submit a preliminary report to the Board of Trustees today and final recommendations will be voted on in February.   The Comprehensive Academic, Administrative, & Auxiliary Program Review was created by...
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