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Film Roadmap to Apartheid opens eyes to unnoticed issues regarding human rights in Israel

On March 4, the inspiring and award-winning documentary Roadmap to Apartheid was screened at the Rotunda in the Wheelock Student Center, co-sponsored by the Tacoma chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace and Justice and Service in Tacoma. Promoting awareness for Palestinians facing constant discrimination and abuse in Israel, the documentary was an eye-opener for many students unfamiliar with issues like the apartheid in South Africa and, now, Israel. Catching only glimpses of the life that many Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza Strip live, students were given the opportunity...
Arts & Events

Tacoma Art Museum offers unique salon

Collaborating in the name of the arts and sciences, The University of Puget Sound and Tacoma Art Museum presented the “Art + Science Salon,” the museum’s free-admission event to support the Tacoma Artwalk. Scientist Siddharth Ramakrishnan, who works in the department of Neuroscience at our University, put together a series of presentations by local artists and scientists who integrate both subjects into their work and lives. Hoping to gain “more collaborations from both artists and scientists” from the event, Ramakrishnan was amazed to see the large turnout, surprised by the...
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New Legendary Doughnuts lives up to legendary name

A wonderful addition to the stores and cafes of 6th Ave. called Legendary Doughnuts has recently opened up on the corner of Fife Street. Inspired by the popular doughnut shop Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon, Shannon Patten decided to try her hand at making her own innovative doughnuts in Washington. Sporting modern gray walls, beautiful chandeliers and black menu boards, the store takes a good atmosphere to a whole other level of class and relaxed sophistication not normally seen with doughnuts. This beautiful venue paired with the friendly service makes...
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Art bus helps passengers view unique side of Tacoma art scene

Celebrating the 11th anniversary of the Tacoma Bus Tour during Tacoma’s Art @ Work Month, attendees of the event boarded the yellow charter bus excited and ready for a day’s worth of art. The event gives the people of Tacoma the chance to visit and talk to over 55 local artists. With the choice to pay the regular admission fee of $15 or VIP admission for $25, buyers who spent the extra $10 enjoyed a goody bag filled with gift certificates, candy and coupons from local businesses that sponsor the...
Arts & Events

Perks of Being a Wallflower full of satisfying moments and characters

From the highly acclaimed novel by Stephen Chbosky, comes a movie that celebrates the highs and lows of an underdog named Charlie. In this movie, the director reveres the joys and experiences of finding friends you wish you had met much earlier in your lives. The movie goes way beyond the average film plot that stars the awkward freshmen and turns his masterpiece of a novel into an genuine story of an introvert with a troubled past that finally finds the friends he needs to pull him out of his...
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