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Perks of Being a Wallflower full of satisfying moments and characters

From the highly acclaimed novel by Stephen Chbosky, comes a movie that celebrates the highs and lows of an underdog named Charlie. In this movie, the director reveres the joys and experiences of finding friends you wish you had met much earlier in your lives.
The movie goes way beyond the average film plot that stars the awkward freshmen and turns his masterpiece of a novel into an genuine story of an introvert with a troubled past that finally finds the friends he needs to pull him out of his shell.
Throughout the movie, the story is narrated by Charlie who writes about his experiences in high school to an anonymous friend. Love, fights, and growing up ensue as Charlie’s world opens with the help of his new friends in ways he would have never imagined.
After experiencing a traumatic incident with a friend a year earlier, Charlie comes into high school hoping to turn things around. At a homecoming dance he plucks up the courage to approach two seniors, Sam and her eccentric stepbrother Patrick as they dance like their having the time of their lives in the middle of the gym floor.
Happily welcoming him into their exclusive dance circle, the siblings accept Charlie into their small group, and thus begins roller coaster of adventures for the three of them. Experimenting with drugs, going to parties, and falling in love hit Charlie and his new group of outcast friends or as Sam calls them “the island of misfit toys.”
Charlie also develops a close relationship with his English teacher the first day of school.
Portraying Charlie in the film, Logan Lerman does an unbelievable job acting as the smart, quiet introvert that is used to standing on the sidelines. Throughout the movie his breakdowns, joy, and laughter were all perfectly captured. His performance is honest and believable, never being too awkward or too sensitive. All of his scenes felt natural and easily relatable.
In her first American role, Emma Watson left audiences amazed and Hermione Granger completely forgotten, instead embracing the wild, carefree character of Sam without a hint of her British accent. Beautiful and full of life, her character is seen as passionate and caring through her expressions and acting skills. Her post-Potter career is sure to be a success after this incredible role.
The movies gem, Erza Miller plays a hilariously witty depiction of Patrick that captures the audience with his charm and humor. Having read the book at the age of 14, Erza had always kept his interpretation of Patrick close in his mind. Gay, sassy, and charismatic people on and off the screen were drawn towards his infectious personality. His bright optimism during the roughest patches in life is one of the many highlights of this movie. His fierce and original version of Patrick has Miller standing out as an impressive actor.
Both a huge fan of the book and the movie, Sarah Tepekian said, “my favorite scene in the movie is the tunnel scene, where Charlie says my favorite line in the book ‘and in this moment I swear we are infinite.’” In that part of the movie, she relates to his weightless freedom of not having a worry in the world and just being happy.
Whether this is a movie about growing up, first love, or troubled teens remains unclear. However, the combination of these elements is wonderfully displayed by Stephen Chbosky who both wrote and directed the novel and movie. Capturing what it is to be young to perfection, many teens and adults alike will find this movie is easy to relate to.
With all the imperfections and quirks in these beloved characters, the film somehow came out flawless.
This film is available for a limited time in theaters everywhere, including the Grand Cinema on South Fawcett and the AMC at the Tacoma Mall. Be sure you don’t miss this inspiring movie with its incredible acting and storyline.