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New Legendary Doughnuts lives up to legendary name

A wonderful addition to the stores and cafes of 6th Ave. called Legendary Doughnuts has recently opened up on the corner of Fife Street.
Inspired by the popular doughnut shop Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon, Shannon Patten decided to try her hand at making her own innovative doughnuts in Washington.
Sporting modern gray walls, beautiful chandeliers and black menu boards, the store takes a good atmosphere to a whole other level of class and relaxed sophistication not normally seen with doughnuts. This beautiful venue paired with the friendly service makes this a great stop with friends at any time of the day.
The shop lives up to the “legendary” expectations of any doughnut lover. With over 50 types of doughnuts out and ready to go, visitors are almost guaranteed their doughnut satisfaction. Even dogs can enjoy the store’s pastries with the Fido Doughnuts and Cannolis with carob flavored dog treats.
Known for their creativity, Legendary Doughnuts sells doughnut cakes, towers and other specialties.
Towers are stacked high with favorites and balls, while foot-long doughnut sheet cakes decorated to look like a panda are available for other special occasions.
“One of the things that makes our doughnuts different is that a lot of them are named after legends,” one sales associate said.
From the Elvis-inspired peanut butter and banana doughnut to the Captain Jack Sparrow with rum frosting, chocolate drizzle and white chocolate, all are unique.
My personal favorite, The Steve Urkel, is a glazed doughnut sprinkled with nerds.
Kids love fun doughnuts like the Tinkerbell, a pink glazed doughnut sprinkled with sparkling crystals, and the Charlie Brown, a doughnut cake smothered with peanut butter with a drizzle of chocolate. The Snow White is also a favorite, with chocolate cake covered in white chocolate and a dollop of butter cream and dainty candied pearls.
The candy-inspired doughnuts provide more examples of innovative creations. Snickers lovers can treat themselves to a chocolate glaze ring topped with peanuts and cascading with caramel.
People who love Reese’s will love the Peanut Butter Cup filled with chocolate and peanut butter in a glazed pillow and drizzled with even more chocolate.
Freshman Andrew Doss was pleasantly surprised on his birthday to receive two extraordinary doughnuts. One was the Fat Albert, an extra large ring covered in chocolate and dotted with M&M’s and the other was a sinfully delicious Sex in the City cake doughnut, consisting of a rich chocolate cake smothered with a chocolate ganache with added caramel and sprinkled with sea salt.
The idea of enjoying the simple things in life applies directly to the Oprah, the maple glazed doughnut bar with added bacon bits that makes troubles seem so far away. Also enjoy their delicious Cold Drip Coffee, which means less acidity and more caffeine, making a smooth, rich drink.
These far from ordinary doughnuts adhere to your cravings anywhere between 4 a.m. and 6 p.m. from Monday to Wednesday, 4 a.m. until 7 p.m. from Thursday to Saturday, and 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.
Not only are the doughnuts delicious, but they are surprisingly affordable and definitely within a college budget. Getting half a dozen of your favorites is easily under $10.
Whether it’s an early morning snack, a surprise for a birthday, an apology doughnut or a stop for a casual date, Legendary Doughnuts caters to all your doughnut-loving needs.
Legendary Doughnuts can be found at 2602 6th Ave. near Shakahbra Java.