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New 6th Ave. bar fun and fresh



Want to try something fresh? How do $2.75 happy hour drinks sound or $7 specialty Martinis or drink?

No need to fill your gas tank to get to this little gem, just lace up your kicks and head towards 6th and Alder.

What place am I speaking of? Overtime Tacoma Bar and Grill.

This sports bar is a diamond in the rough. After sitting down for only a few moments I felt transported into 27 Dresses; Katherine Heigel and James Marsden could have been dancing atop the bar.

An electronic jukebox blasted popular tunes throughout the bar and maintained a lively atmosphere. A couple of televisions are mounted on the walls and play the current match or game that ESPN is airing.

My friend and I arrived just as happy hour started at 10 p.m.; in addition to our gin and tonics, we munched on some quality greasy fries.

Our four dollars bought us a large tray of fries that could easily be devoured. If fries aren’t your favorite then try the specialty onion rings or something more substantial on their menu.

We were also able to sample the steak skewers; though not exceedingly tender they were worth the three dollar happy hour price. The skewers were rather chewy, but the sauce that accompanied the skewers made the flavor pop and mostly forgive the meat for being dense.

Overtime offers a full menu and if their food tastes as good as it looks, the rest of their menu is worth a try.

They offer the normal bar food items, all for three dollars at happy hour, mozzarella sticks, sliders, nachos, etc.

The Georgia Peach, another specialty drink ($7) is worth a try. Triple sec and peach schnapps are the stars of this menu item, and with all the sunny days we’ve been having it pairs perfectly with the warm weather.

Overtime is open from 11 a.m.—2 a.m. and offers moderate prices and could be a relaxing way to kick it in the afternoon for a meal.

The hours are not listed for their happy hour, but you’ll likely hit it during the average happy hours (4 p.m.—6 p.m. or 10 p.m.—2 a.m.)

Their drinks are either $7 for the specialty martinis and also $7 for their specialty house drinks.

Head out to Overtime this weekend and saddle up to the bar or enjoy a meal while catching the latest game.