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Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Finally Ready to Tell the Truth… Maybe

Last week, Republican senator Ted Cruz of Texas became the first politician to announce his campaign for the 2016 Presidential election. Since the announcement, which Cruz delivered at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., the senator has faced countless accusations of lying and making false statements, particularly because of the ad he released, which is entitled “Time for Truth.” Plainstream media outlets like claim that certain things the Senator has said have been completely wrong. “Here, we have Thanksgiving, we have Christmas, we have the 4th of July. Every year...
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Fun Ways to Get Over the Other Kind of March Madness

March madness: (n.) tournament of 65 college basketball teams, with the last team left being the National College Athletic Association Division I Champion; (n.) a period of depression and insanity caused by the unwavering cold and darkness between deep winter and spring; seasonal affective disorder. It’s that time of year where it’s cold and dark and we start to resent our friends who live in Los Angeles. We quit smoking cigarettes because it’s too cold to smoke outside. We stay in and watch movies on Netflix. Some people call this...
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It’s finals week and obligations mean nothing

Finals week is finally here! Isn’t everyone excited? I’m excited. No, not for the tests or the stress or the cramming; I’m excited because finals week means that I can abandon all of my other responsibilities, to both myself and society. Some (my housemates) would say that final exams don’t mean the world stops, but don’t you think it should? Here are some things you have a right to not do because you have finals: ●       Shower: Some might say that maintaining personal hygiene is a responsibility you have, not...
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Having car makes student way more attractive; peers swoon

First-year student Richie Basehart is Puget Sound’s newest Big Man on Campus (BMOC). “I have all the friends I could ever want,” Basehart said. He added, mock-blushing, “and all the ladies too.” “I’ve never been this popular,” he continued. Basehart described himself as friendly, charming, attractive and funny. “I already won the genetic lottery physically, but it’s my personality that really attracts people,” he said. “I always tell people, ‘If you had my personality and your looks, it’d be a slam dunk!’ And that’s a compliment!” Basehart owns a dependable,...
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Q&A with girl from horror movie

In honor of Halloween, I sat down with That Girl from That Horror Movie on Netflix to talk about fashion, real estate and online shopping. Q: You had just moved into your house in this quiet suburban neighborhood when weird things started happening. Tell me about that. A: Well, the house was great at first. High ceilings, wet bar in the dining room, someone had died in it a couple months before— Q: Someone had died in it? A: Yeah. I don’t know. We didn’t think it was a big...
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