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The Happy Trail

It doesn’t have to be scary

If you’re not too tied up at the moment, do take a minute to learn how you could be. For some, that pun alone will have been enough of an exercise in sadomasochism—but others of you might learn a little something about your naughty selves. BDSM is one of the […]

The Happy Trail

Communication is key when experimenting

Bondage-Discipline—Domination-Submission—Sadism-Masochism. Some pretty strong words in there for what comprises the meaning behind the acronym BDSM. Understandably, it can make one want to immediately run in the other direction. But please, take off your coat (or… pants) and stay a while. I get it, I had the same reflex whenever […]


Crafty tips on how to de-clean your house

Your domestic dilemma: “My house doesn’t look like anyone lives there!” Crafty Connie’s Solution: Oh, your roommate’s parents just visited, too? That explains the vast expanse of flat surfaces, the glistening sink, that suspiciously bulging closet door. It’s time to embark once again on everyone’s favorite Sunday activity: Not Cleaning […]

Curious Halloween costume choices abound
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Curious Halloween costume choices abound

As the leaves in Tacoma begin to turn auburn and golden, Halloween looms ever closer and the excitement of costumes and candy has, as always, reached far beyond the under 12 community. Despite the hackneyed question, college students are by no means too old to be dressing up for Halloween. […]

Weyerhaeuser association highlights hypocrisy
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Weyerhaeuser association highlights hypocrisy

Many of you may have noticed that the new building on campus shares its name with perhaps the most-maligned forest products company in the world, Weyerhaeuser Corporation.   The choice of name would seem to reinforce some confusion over where exactly the University stands on sustainability and whether our supposed […]


Chemistry magic wows students

On Oct. 20, the Chemistry Club presented the much loved annual Chemistry Magic Show. The show started dramatically with a huge explosion, which blew the top off a trash can. Professor Tim Hoyt—fondly known as the Wiz—amazed the audience by performing a series of tricks from changing the color of […]

Combat Zone

Student fulfills self-proclaimed “Internet Studies” major

When Becca Figurski graduates this Spring, she will have completed UPS’ very first Internet Studies major, despite the fact that no such major exists. Her major is self-proclaimed, the product of years of passionate exploration of the web. In declaring her major, Becca hopes to raise awareness for the thousands […]


Community service should be compulsory for freshman class

Everyone on campus is aware of the Puget Sound bubble: the mentality that makes it so easy to spend four year here and not get involved in anything not directly related to campus. The best way to break from our insular mindset would be to establish a community service requirement […]


Student art and crafts on display

Last Saturday, the Rotunda was transformed into a bustling market place showcasing the do-it-yourself creativity of the Puget Sound student body at the biannual Student Market. On display were tie-dyed tennis shoes, vegan baked goods, rocks wrapped in wire, those ubiquitous feather earrings, bee balm, homemade pasta, canned pickles and […]


TS works to smooth printing

The Collins Memorial Library faces a constant struggle to be as sustainable as possible. This consideration led to the many changes students have noticed within the library this semester, including but not limited to the removal of the release stations for the printers. “We used to get a lot of […]