Chemistry magic wows students

On Oct. 20, the Chemistry Club presented the much loved annual Chemistry Magic Show. The show started dramatically with a huge explosion, which blew the top off a trash can.
Professor Tim Hoyt—fondly known as the Wiz—amazed the audience by performing a series of tricks from changing the color of different liquids to demonstrating the properties of different types of gasoline.
The show provided an interesting way to reveal the magical qualities of chemistry with an ease that could not be matched.
It was obvious the Wiz could not have put on such a great show without his many assistants who worked hard in the background as well as provided small snippets of comedy during the “intermission.”
The show was also sprinkled with various interesting characters including the Blues Brothers; Elvis provided entertainment by singing songs about lab rules and about his favorite molecule, cyclohexane, and a representative from the Dead Chemists Society talked about a few famous chemists in the club and tried to recruit new members.
The show provided an element of danger, as well. The Wiz, along with another professor, performed many tricks involving fire.
One of the more impressive stunts included lighting methane bubbles on fire while they were still being held by an assistant.
Exploding balloons were another favorite, which were popped dramatically using a long lighter. The balloons erupted into flowers of flame, ending the show with a literal bang, or, rather, several bangs.
The chemistry show lived up to its magical name and proved to be a wonderful night of entertainment.
From the explosive beginning to the even more explosive end—with comedy, music and more tricks in between—the show was an interesting and informative way to get people interested in the qualities of chemistry. What more could an audience ask for?