The S.U.B. goes healthy

There is always something new to try in the S.U.B., so it is not surprising that this year it has taken a turn for the healthy. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provide a variety of foods from students to choose from. From the Italian station to the Chef’s Table, the S.U.B. has added station after station hoping to provide the best possible service to each and every student.

The menu is constantly changing to suit the students’ needs. Although each station serves the same general food there are always different combinations to try.

According to the Dining and Conference Services (DCS) staff, it is the Latin American section which has changed the most to meet the requests of students, now serving breakfast burritos. Beyond being delicious, each station does its best to accommodate people with conditions such as food allergies; most of the stations now serve gluten-free meals.

“Food has changed for the people who have food allergies,” Chef’s table employee Velma Gills said. Gills has been employed at the University for 21 years.

The staff frequently meets to think of ways to improve the food as well as understand what students want to see in the S.U.B.

“We listen to you guys,” Gills said.

According to the University of Puget Sound site, the S.U.B. uses “the best local products.” Striving to use local food helps to maintain a healthy diet while building the local economy – all on top of helping the environment.

“The food is great to me now,” sophomore Bobbijo Katagiri said. “And I think it’s great [that the S.U.B. is using healthier foods].”

Some believe that there is not enough variety for vegans and vegetarians. Others simply ask for more variety overall. Freshman Badideh Aghanoury, for example, sees a need for more seafood.

“We are so close to Seattle, which is an international port for fish,” Aghanoury said.

The changes in the S.U.B. seek to solve one of the most common college problems. Most busy students generally eat what is quickly and conveniently available, which may not always be the healthiest option. Through providing healthy alternatives, DCS hopes that students can develop healthier eating habits.

Although most students enjoy the food, some of them still miss certain foods from years past. But even with all the changes, people agree that when it comes to college dining University of Puget Sound has some of the best meals to offer.