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The thrilling world of condoms

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If you are sexually active you most likely know what a condom is. But, do you know the secret abilities bound into the latex of the penis and vagina condom? My guess is probably not. No judgment! Now is your chance to learn the fun facts about one of humanity’s most used tools.

The first ability a condom has is pretty obvious: safe sex. No surprise there. But how much safer is sex with a condom? I set to the streets to figure out what Loggers thought. Maggie Berrens, a class of 2020 math major, believes condoms make sex 100 percent safer. Jules Kaufmann, philosophy major class of 2020 told me, “Sex is much safer with a condom because the risk of contracting a STI or getting pregnant is almost entirely reduced.”

These are both great answers and would receive full credit if I were grading. Planned Parenthood says sex with a condom isn’t just 100 percent safer because it reduces risks of STIs or pregnancy, it is 1,000 times safer! I’m no math major, but I like those numbers.

The next question I have is a little tricky. What are the medical reasons for not using a condom? Kaufmann believes that a latex allergy could be a medical reason for not using a condom. Berrens felt the opposite and guessed, “there is no medical reason?” Ding ding! Berrens wins this one with her answer. Even those who have a latex allergy can use latex condoms, says the Planned Parenthood website.

Imagine a world without flavor and then imagine oral sex without flavor. Picky eaters may be happy to know the flavored condom (invented in the year 1995 according to gives oral sex a more appetising kick (lick?) With flavors ranging from cannabis to fruit, I would think they were more popular.

Kaufmann told me, “I haven’t used flavored condoms myself, but I’ve seen them around.”

The CDC says 85 percent of sexually active adults have oral sex, yet only 2 percent report using condoms during it. A Tonic survey found that of about 4,000 people only 4 percent use condoms during oral sex. Their data shows that out of a group of 34 people, 18 use condoms for oral sex. Even if flavored condoms aren’t thought to be all that popular, they are a great way to make oral sex 1,000 times more safe and tasty. Though please keep in mind that the salt and sugar on flavored condoms makes penetrative sex painful and possibly dangerous!

What is the best condom flavor though? Kaufmann said, “I would guess that strawberry is the most popular flavor because that seems generic & fun.”

Not everyone finds flavored condoms to be fun, however; Berrens told me, “honestly, flavored condoms sound kind of gross, but I think the most popular flavor is raspberry.” In my opinion, orange would be the best flavor, but I guess it depends on how refined one’s palate is.

My next fun fact is a world record! When I asked Kaufmann what she thought the world record using condoms was she said, “I bet someone freaky out there has a record for the longest amount of time that a condom is worn.” Berrens believed the world record was “most semen filled in a condom.” A penis condom can only hold a gallon of water and there is no record of someone filling a condom with a gallon of semen, but I am sure that would break some records.

I’m sorry, there is no condom world record. I was just curious what Kaufmann and Berrens would say. However! Keep in mind there is a record of condoms breaking during sex. The most common cause for a broken condom is from using the wrong kind of lubricant. According to, use only water-based or silicone lubricants and nothing else. Anything like vaseline, butter, or lotion will lead to a disintegrated condom.

Do some research about the condom brands you are using and find out what lubricants will work best for you. Condoms don’t have to be a bland tool used for safe sex. Condoms have a lot to offer for a better sex life and if you realize how fun condoms are they will feel less like tools, and more like toys!