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Albums Released: Sept. 25

The Underachievers – Evermore: The Art of Duality

The UnderAchievers

Brooklyn rappers and third-eye openers The Underachievers are back spitting verses with a purpose.  The album comes in at a skittery creep, and continues with alternately stark and spacious beats like a serene bubble in a bustling world.  Both lyrically and sonically it sounds a little more down to earth than their last album, but it’s still very much rap on a spiritual mission, interweaving stories about restless youth with the occasional spoken word monologue about the nature of consciousness.  Instead of being overwhelming, it’s uplifting and empowering.   Open those chakras up and enjoy.




Grace & Tony Phantasmagoric


This is the married couple’s third album, consisting of ten tracks, fuses punk, folk and bluegrass elements to create a sound that has remained consistent throughout Grace & Tony’s work. Through much of the album though, this combination ends up being a bit off-putting, as no one style ever comes through clearly leaving each song sounding muddled and confused. However, the music is indisputably signature “punkgrass” and stays true to Grace & Tony’s style, and for that it should be commended.