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Women’s basketball continues great season

The Puget Sound women’s basketball team took on the University of California at Santa Cruz Banana Slugs and the Colorado College Tigers Dec. 5 and 6 at a tournament hosted by Pacific Lutheran University.

The Loggers remain undefeated this season after walking away with two wins over both teams during the tournament.

First, the Loggers defeated the Slugs 53-51, handing them their second loss of the season.

During the first half, Puget Sound shot into the lead right away.

After allowing the Slugs two points, the Loggers bounced back, scored nine consecutive points, and never looked back.

The Loggers maintained a field goal average of 41.4 percent and a three-point average of 36.4 percent, soaring far above the Slugs’ averages of only 31 percent and 33.3 percent, respectively.

What really set Puget Sound ahead in the first half was their free throw percentage.

The Loggers made an average of 71.4 percent of their free throws while the Slugs fell behind with an average of only 45.4 percent made.

The Loggers ended the first half with an eight-point lead to propel them into the next half.

During the second half, the Loggers increased their free throw percentage to 75 percent while the Slugs were unsuccessful all five times that they were at the free throw line.

Although the Slugs achieved higher average field goal and three-point percentages in the second half, they were still no match against Loggers’ offense who had twice as many offensive rebounds.

Senior Amanda Forshay (Moraga, Calif.) led the Loggers in points, scoring 10, as well in free throws, making five out of the six she shot.

Senior Katy Ainslie (Redmond, Wash.) and junior Allie Wyszynski (Sammamish, Wash) each added 10 points to the scoreboard.

The next day, the Loggers dominated the Tigers 94-45.

The Tigers came in with a losing record of 0-7.

The Loggers pulled ahead in the beginning of the first half, allowing the Tigers to only score two points in the first five minutes of the game.

At the end of the half, the Loggers were leading by 31 points.

While the Tigers fought hard, scoring consistently during the second half, they were again no match for the Logger’s defense who put up a total of 30 defensive rebounds compared the Tiger’s 21.

This game, Puget Sound had a field goal average percentage of 59.2 and scored off 45.5 percent of their three-point shots.

The Tigers proved unsuccessful when trying to measure up to the same level of play as the Loggers.

They had a low field goal average percentage of 32.7 and made zero percent of their three-point shots.

Although they lacked successful field goal shots, the Tigers showed skill in their free throws. They made 69.3 percent of their free throws, while the Loggers only made 50 percent.

Junior Emily Sheldon (Portland, Ore.) and Forshay both made two free throws, and first year Mickaela Limper (Kapolei, Hawaii) made one.

Overall, the Loggers had 42 total rebounds, scored six points off fast breaks and had 17 steals.

Forshay again led the Loggers in points, scoring 21, and Sheldon followed not far behind, scoring 20 points.

Forshay also led in rebounds, putting up nine, and in assists, scoring five.

After these two wins, the women hold a record of 7-0 and have two more games before they open conference play on Jan. 3 when they will take on the George Fox Bruins.

The women will next take on the Cal Lutheran Kingsmen on Dec. 20 at home.