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Senior Theatre Festival 2013 showcases talented students

The Faculty Room, a black comedy, takes place in—not surprisingly—the faculty room of Madison-Furey High School, a high school stuck in middle-of-nowhere America. The plot centers on five faculty members: a principal and four teachers. Three of the teachers have been teaching at Madison-Furey High School for a very long time, the longest employed perhaps being Bill, an old ethics teacher whom the other faculty have never heard speak. The newest teacher from the city, Carver, only wants to teach and make a difference at the school, but the other...
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Collins Library features new exhibit that explores the many intersections of art and science

Collins Memorial Library will be featuring an exhibit by artist Diane Stemper from March 25 to May 25. The exhibit, called “Out of Scale: Artist’s Books and Collections,” presents artwork and artist books that interweave aspects of science and art. This includes much artwork paying homage to Charles Darwin, whose 200th birthday was celebrated four years ago, on Feb.12, 2009. One section of the exhibit features several petri dishes and three steps, guiding people in creating the art displayed. Step one asks people to find a book, look for a...
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Puget Sound Rising unites campus for an open mic evening

While it’s fun to give out candy hearts and roses on Valentine’s Day, many people around the world use this day to try to put a stop to something much darker than romance. The University of Puget Sound recently held Puget Sound Rising, an event connecting to the worldwide campaign One Billion Rising that takes place on Feb. 14. This movement raises awareness about sexual violence towards women and raises money to prevent it. The “billion” part of One Billion Rising refers to the fact that one billion women are...
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“It’s Wild Outside” took the wild inside Slater Museum

Thompson Hall recently hosted the Slater Museum’s open house, called, “It’s Wild Outside: Discover Backyard Biology and the Nature Next-door!” The open house encouraged Puget Sound students and Tacoma families to attend and learn more about animals native to the Pacific Northwest, as well as those from other places in the world. The open house featured both living animals and their taxidermies, getting both children and Puget Sound students interested. The animals included a Virginia opossum and a Peregrine falcon, neither of which could be touched but both of which...
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Kittredge Gallery showcases diverse student art

Since its opening reception on Nov. 14, the Kittredge Gallery has hosted the 2012 Art Students Annual Exhibit. The exhibition presented the individual voices of Puget Sound students as much as it presented their artistic talents, a skill that is perhaps of greater importance. One piece of artwork that especially made a statement was freshman Grace Best-Devereux’s “Kiskerätt,” a fishing net made of Swedish Fish. “The assignment was to create a piece made of only one material,” Best-Devereux said. “I chose Swedish Fish because when I had visited Sweden two...
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