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Student reportedly ‘not like other girls’

When we’re young, our parents and our teachers tell each and every one of us that we are unique individuals, like snowflakes and stars, each of us different in our own beautiful way. But some of us are more unique than others. “I’m not like other girls,” first-year student Kaitlin Johnson said. Johnson drinks full calorie Snapple rather than Diet Snapple because the chemicals in artificial sweeteners are harmful to one’s health. Johnson smokes unfiltered cigarettes, because she “has demons to kill.” Though she doesn’t think she believes in organized...
Combat Zone

University responds to slow Wi-Fi with S.U.B. renovation

    Last year, the University of Puget Sound conducted a survey in which they asked students how they thought campus life could best be improved. The most common requests? Better food and better Wi-Fi connection. The campus administration heard these complaints and fervently started brainstorming solutions. It took a lot of time and a lot of money, but students finally got what they wanted: the Wheelock Student Center renovations are now complete. Two deli stations, an additional upstairs seating area and, yes, what we’ve all been asking for, begging...

Strike Debt movement: we’re all in it together

You are a college student. You are probably totally in debt. Your family might have medical debt from when you got appendicitis last semester and had to be rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance. Or they might have housing debt after buying property in an expensive suburban area for the good schools. Automobile debt from when you got that car last summer. Credit card debt from Christmas. Student loan debt so you could be here, at this university. How much debt do you think your family has? Think...
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BJ Novak Speaks

Writer for the hit television comedy “The Office,” and actor in the recent Disney biopic Saving Mr. Banks, B.J. Novak can now add New York Times bestselling author to his resumé. Novak’s book, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories is a collection of humorous short fiction that is at times laugh out loud funny and, at other times, painfully sad as it explores loneliness and love. On Monday Feb. 17, at the modest-looking venue Town Hall Seattle that was, in its former incarnation, a Christian Science Church, B.J. Novak...
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