Learning about Intersectionality and Sexual Violence on Campus

By Ainsley Feeney Last Monday, April 17, Bystander Revolution Against Violence (BRAVe) and Peer Allies hosted an information session on Intersectionality and Sexual Violence. The event was part of a month-long series observing Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The session was hosted by BRAVe coordinators Grace Stensland (‘23) and Rene Donnes (‘23). Stensland and Donnes opened their presentation with some shocking statistics about the effects sexual violence has on marginalized groups. They reported that gay and bisexual men are over ten times more likely to experience sexual assault than straight men,...

You’re not allowed to read this article: how confidentiality hurts more than it helps

By Albert Chang-Yoo I was working on an article last semester about A Sound Future, the University’s financial plan for the next few years. A full 160-page proposal was released for community feedback from students on October 10. It was an attempt at transparency, but just a week later the report was made confidential again. As a student reporter, I was confused. Why not involve more students in a process that will affect all of us? Most students at the University of Puget Sound weren’t even really aware of this...
Combat Zone

Why I’m Transferring to Pacific Lutheran University

By Grizz T. Logger The gracious way to begin this piece is to acknowledge and appreciate the opportunities I have been provided here, the friends I have made, and the professors who have exposed me to viewpoints and perspectives I would never have found on my own. This sentiment would then transition smoothly into a profound expression of regret before the announcement that I am transferring to Pacific Lutheran University. It would then likely conclude with a reiteration of how deeply I appreciate my time at the University of Puget...
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