The Holdovers – What Popcorn Bliss is Made Of

 By Jack Leal  Paul Giamatti’s personal boarding school experience translates with intensity in his latest film “The Holdovers''…wow! Written by David Hemingson, directed by Alexander Payne, and starring Paul Giamatti as Mr. Hunham, “The Holdovers'' is a whirlwind of cinematic bliss. With fully fleshed-out characters, a strategically dated set design, and a grainy nostalgic filter, this film checks out to be an instant classic.    “The Holdovers” can be best described as a healthy brew between Peter Weir’s “The Dead Poet Society'' and Sofia Coppola’s “Lost in Translation” . To put...

BSU Interview with Funmilola Fagbamila, Playwright and Co-Founder of First BLM Chapter  

Edited by Andrew Benoit On Nov 9, playwright, professor and artist Funmilola Fagbamila – who was an original co-founder of the first BLM chapter – gave a talk called “Freedom Dreams: A Formula for Justice”  in the Rotunda. The Trail is honored to publish an excerpt from an interview Kerrigan Franklin, BSU President, conducted with Fagbamila prior to her lecture. The full interview may be found on The Trail’s website. Kerrigan: I've noticed that the scope of your work is vastly encompassing and it addresses a multitude of issues. Could...
Letters to the EditorOpinions

ASUPS Club Financing

Dear Editor, In her article in the last issue of The Trail, Grace Farrell asserted that “he ASUPS budgeting process appears thorough and helpful, but the logistics of reimbursements … remain burdensome.” I write as a co-president of the Jewish Student Union and former ASUPS president to attest to this burden (and its disproportionate weight on students who are economically disadvantaged) and suggest a policy to help alleviate it. When I served as ASUPS president during the 2022–2023 academic year, my administration issued purchasing cards to ASUPS clubs with budgets over...
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