Entrepreneur Column: running Chalet Bowl

Chalet Bowl is a family owned and operated, neighborhood bowling alley. They are the longest continually run bowling center in Washington State, currently in their 72nd year. Chalet has a cafe, with delicious food and craft beer. They strive to provide a safe, clean and fun environment with friendly staff.

Owner Reggie Frederick and family gave the inside scoop on all the cool happenings at Chalet.


• What can students look forward to when visiting?

“Discounts! We have discounted bowling for all students who bring in their I.D. card from UPS.  Also, we are participating with ASUPS in the Local Logger program, where we offer discounts on food and beverages. It’s a great place to relax and have fun, to take a break from studying and being on the campus grounds.”


• How can students find out more about employment opportunities?

“We are currently taking resumes to apply for a part time position, and will be hiring very soon for the Summer. The only place that we post our updates and employment opportunities is on the Chalet Bowl Facebook page.”


• How was it started?

“Chalet Bowl is the oldest operating bowling alley in Washington State and was originally named North End Alleys.  The building was established as a bowling alley in 1941, but has a lot of history prior to having the bowling lanes installed.”


• What inspired Reggie to own the bowling alley?

“Reggie and Nancy Frederick have owned Chalet Bowl for 30+ years.  Reggie worked at the alley when he was a teenager, and has a passion for bowling.  When the opportunity arose to take over Chalet from the previous owner, Reggie and Nancy jumped on it. The ownership is now in its second generation of Frederick’s. Reggie and Nancy’s son Billy and his wife Alyson will eventually be taking over the operations.”


• What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned in running your own business?

“Treat people well. Be friendly, give your guests a clean facility and show your guests that you continually re-invest in your facility. It is hard work, but with a great reward in having return customers who love our establishment and its history.”


• How has the relationship with Puget Sound been so far?

“Working with UPS has been awesome! We also have been hosting a Puget Sound Bowling league at Chalet for the past 20 years. The University also has an accredited bowling class at Chalet. We have been the center where bowling has been taught for Puget Sound since the late 1940’s. We have UPS alumni that visit Chalet quite often. We are very lucky to have the location of the campus so close to our business establishment.”
• Any fun promotions going on?

“We are currently offering our Summer bowling leagues. We will have other promotions advertised on our website, www.ChaletBowl.com from time to time.  Our website is a great way to get up to date info on all that is happening at the alley.  Keep in tune to KUPS for future promos, as well.”


• Anything else you would like to add?

“We look forward to continuing our relationship with the University of Puget Sound! Come on over to bowl, eat, drink and have a great time at Chalet!”