ASUPS elections approach

ASUPS is beginning another season of elections. Positions are opening to a new group of candidates interested in serving as part of the Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound.

The Puget Sound website describes ASUPS as “an autonomous, student-run department on campus, with an annual budget that is over $500,000…and generally serves as the voice of the student.”

Campaigning is already underway as applicants begin to inform the community about their intentions for running.

Students can pick from at least three candidates running for residence hall senator, two opponents for senator at large and several freshman senators. Voting begins Oct. 8 at 9 a.m. and ends Oct. 14 at 5 p.m.

“ASUPS at its best is a place where students can come together to solve issues concerning the student body. I think ASUPS’s role should be a mechanism for students to address campus wide problems and work with faculty to make this university better,” one candidate in the running for freshman senator, Matthew Feldmann, said.

When asked why he is running for freshman senator he said, “Because this class needs leaders who will fight for what students want this University to become. We all have ideas on how to make this place special but we need somebody who can listen and show initiative to make those ideas a reality. I want to help people more than anything and I will fight to make our dreams a reality.”

With so many requests made to ASUPS daily in regards to helping students and engaging our campus, it is the role of the student body to take this election into serious consideration and make educated decisions on who would best represent our school.

“I think ASUPS has really good ideas, but their ability to do anything is often prohibited by the school. I would look for someone who is able to expand the ability of ASUPS,” junior Greg Reeser said.

For more information about ASUPS or the current members of the senate go to the ASUPS office on the second floor of the S.U.B.

ASUPS President Eric Hopfenbeck encourages students to let their voice be heard in shaping our community. ASUPS would not be a functioning unit without participants willing to take the next step into being an active student. Together students can help to solve problems on our campus, build new relationships with our nearby community and create a vibrant atmosphere for students to grow in civic engagement.

Vote, talk to a senator, stop by a meeting, do what it takes to be involved. Together we are ASUPS.