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MGMT’s new album is crap

Indie-rock, junkie masterminds Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser have done it again with what is possibly the hottest album of 2013, People Keep Asking For Us To Make Music So Here We Are…Again.

The album has attracted attention from critics and fans worldwide, most of them touting its success.

In the words of Pitchfork critic Ian McCormick, the album is “raw, unprocessed…the real thing, man,” while Sarah Johnston of EMI Records calls it “quietly brilliant, with the perfect amount of minimalism mixed with chillingly truthful lyrics.”

In an exclusive interview with the boys behind it all, Vanwyngarden describes the recording process:

“I had an old Tivoli analog radio, and just grabbed a mixer and a mic and hooked it all up. Then I went to a static radio station and recorded the feedback with the mic, and mixed it in with some samples of babies crying played backwards and 1930’s propaganda speeches, threw in a couple hi-hats, a few clap samples here and there. You know, the usual.”

Goldwasser adds:

“It’s literally complete crap. We spent, like, at most, 30 minutes on it, max. I can’t believe people are still buying this bulls***.”

But not everyone is content with the album.

Famous musicians such as Noel Gallagher express their disappointment with the direction that popular music has taken, stating, “It’s weak, absolutely no effort at all. Kids these days just hop on a compute-y and make a couple beats, then BAM! They’re on an international tour.”

Homeless Joe comments on their success as well, saying “I’m Roger Waters, why won’t anyone believe me? Seriously, give me a guitar and I’ll prove it!”

Their manager also contributed to the discussion with his take on the band’s non-stop success since 2007:

“The two have been trying to get out of the music industry almost desperately since their rapid success, and I just won’t have it. It’s come to the point where I usually have make death threats for them to go on tour.”