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The Tallest Man on Earth towers humbly in Seattle concert, early September

The evening of Sept. 9, Kristian Mattson of Dalarna, Sweden visited the stage of The Moore theatre in Seattle and assumed his persona as The Tallest Man on Earth.
The Tallest Man on Earth is a one-man blues and folk performer independently writing and producing his own music.
His concern for the preservation of the connection between the vocal and guitar lines in his music come through in the intimacy and honesty of his work.
His recent performance in Seattle began with a beautiful opening from a Philadelphia-rooted folk artist, Today Showalter, performing under the name Strand of Oaks.
Strand of Oak’s raw, folksy style complemented the honest musical expression of Tallest Man. Between songs, Showalter paused to genuinely thank Tallest Man for the opportunity to tour with him.
He then jokingly apologized for not choosing a more appropriate song with which to follow, as he commenced with the melancholy chords and nostalgic vocals of “End in Flames.”
Strand of Oaks departed among grateful applause and the stage was re-set for Matsson: an acoustic guitar to one side and a black grand piano on the other.
The lights rose and Matsson stumbled forward, giving a causal wave to the audience and picking up his guitar to instantly begin with the pleasant “To Just Grow Away,” in which he sings of the inevitability and beauty of the changing seasons. Matsson cites Bob Dylan as an influence, which echoes in his husky voice and emotional honesty.
Matsson’s stage presence was enjoyable and playful, as he pranced around carelessly and alternated between perching on his stool centerstage and relaxing on his sleek piano bench.
The performance as a whole came across as if he was merely practicing in the privacy of his own home.
He interacted with the audience minimally, occasionally mumbling gratitude into the microphone.
He expressed his love for Seattle, his enjoyment over the tour thus far and his appreciation for Strand of Oaks.
He even hinted at a return in six or seven months, so keep March and April open for the opportunity to experience the intimacy firsthand of a Tallest Man on Earth performance.
Kristian Matsson, or The Tallest Man, now continues his tour in Spain, and will be concluding it in Alberta, British Columbia in early October.
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