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The life and times of a high school athlete: The college years

I have been questioned, many times, as to why I am the sports editor of The Trail.  I am five feet and four inches tall and when people look at me, my appearance does not scream sports aficionado or even athlete.  To be fair, I am not a sports aficionado. I watch the Super Bowl for the funny commercials and the half time show and never even mention the World Series.  However, I am an athlete.

I was a high school athlete.  I played tennis for three years and was decent, but my real passion was soccer. I began playing the moment I could.  I was four the first time I was able to play on team. Although Bumblebee Soccer is not truly representative of the sport, I was hooked from the moment I dribbled a ball across the grass.

I played for 16 years competitively.  For 13 of those years I was goalkeeper, and that is where my true talent lies. I loved being in the goal box.  The adrenaline rush that I felt for the entire game was the best feeling in the world. I felt unstoppable and that is where I met my downfall.

During a scrimmage match between the varsity men and women’s team in high school I suffered a knee injury.  I haven’t been able to play competitively since, and it is a big part of my life that I miss.

I am not writing this to talk about the fact I was an athlete. Rather, I am writing this in honor of every athlete on this campus.  There are so many of us that played in high school, and for one reason or another, whether it be an injury or extenuating circumstances, we no longer play.  And I can say from experience that it is hard not to.

Although I am told not to play, I do.  I play on an intramural team, and although our team disbanded because players are abroad, those of us who are here make it a point to practice when we can.  Yes, practice.

There is talent on those fields.  Club athletes and intramural athletes are just those athletes who chose not to or were unable to play collegiate level sports.  On the Puget Sound campus, the majority of students participate as a member of a sports team on this campus.  It is not just limited to Varsity athletics.  There are ways to get involved and stay involved in the sport that you love.

Each day I regret that I do not play on an organized team.  However, I find that intramurals are a great second.  I love the members on my team, and they have become some of my closest friends on campus.  Also, it is just fun and it is a great excuse to pull out my cleats and gloves every once in while.

Athletes of Puget Sound, if you have not done so yet, there are ways to keep playing.  Just look.