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Brothers From Another visit the Puget Sound area

Brothers From Another, a rap duo from Seattle, visited Puget Sound on Friday, Nov. 18.

They stopped by a house party at 12th and Adams and graced undergrads and Tacoma locals alike with phat beats in a packed and sweaty unfinished basement. Despite competition from SAE’s Tron-themed dance party, Brothers From Another managed to fill the house with dancing Loggers.

Recently, Brothers From Another released their first full-length album, Quality of Living, pulling the title from a quote on the group’s website: “We have realized that what life really is all about is doing what ever you can to enjoy it all as much as possible, do what ever you can to raise your Quality of Living.”

Upon the release of the album, BFA took the time to celebrate and thank the Seattle rap scene, noting “…one of the dopest part of Seattle hip-hop is that the big accomplished homies really know what it’s like to be young, ambitious and in love with this rap s***…they are always down to lend some knowledge.”

Ambitious, certainly, Quality features topical allusions to subjects like Bernie Madoff and Nas, and shows BFA developing a sound which, though not quite original, is laced with potential.

BFA dresses the way any swag-surfin’, cracka-poppin’ rappers ought to, sporting flannel shirts, Supreme hats and, of course, Stussy.

In fact, BFA was recently featured on Stussy’s website for promoting the brand in Seattle, saying “Since they’re giving you a friendly reminder to bump BFA, we’ll give you one rock Stussy!”

Although both members of the group are young, they spend plenty of time spouting philosophy on their blog ( and show a humble and sincere attitude about what they do.

“It started at the beginning like anything else does. Just us living life with no sense of direction and an over-heightened sense of wild abandonment. To put things simply, nothing ever happens unless you make it happen,” they have said about the group’s origins.

After performing an album release party at Neumos in Seattle, BFA said, “Opening up for the Blue Scholars at their album release was one of the tighetest and most humbling experiences of our lives.”

Clearly the rappers have been working hard to spread their music, and their blog is proof that they are grateful to be able to do so.

Brothers From Another consists of MC Tiglo Goonstar & Cole and are often backed by homeboy DJ Beeba (not related to Justin Bieber).

Formed in 2009,  the dynamic duo are now sophomores at Whittier College and University of San Francisco, respectively, and although they are several hundred miles apart for the majority of the year, the two continue to book shows throughout California and Washington.