Combat Zone

UT show best yet

Throwing tradition to the wind, the producers of Ubiquitous They Sketch have reformatted their entire show, and the result is nothing short of brilliant. The experimental show, titled Ubiquitous They Presents: Poopy Pidgins  SHOW CANCELED was directed by no one, starred nobody, and was produced by Student Theater Productions.

The intense comedic action, in many ways a tribute to Andy Kaufman’s anti-comedy acts and Samuel Beckett’s Theatre of the Absurd, played out entirely in the mind of the audience, which very surprisingly consisted solely of myself.

One would have thought that positive word of mouth would have made this show a resounding success, but once again the student body has shown themselves to be an uncultured gang of incestuous Neanderthals.  The blank stage and exit sign illumination provided the perfect backdrop for the dangerously pertinent comedic stylings of the black curtains.

Through clever use of metaphors, similes, anachronisms, anaphora and allusions, the show lampooned everything from the water fluoridation to the abject failure of the Non-Proliferation Treaty in establishing global norms to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. There were also some dick jokes and men pretending to be women. I laughed till I cried, cried till I chortled, and chortled till I lost bowel control. I cannot recommend this show enough.