New watch is an example of Apple’s ingenuity

Apple’s most recent product is the iPhone-congruent smart watch with the charming moniker Apple Watch—it has not been dubbed the iWatch (with an emphatic not). The prefix has come to be adored and is known to have defined the digital era, the snappy and effective ‘i.’

According to the Daily Telegraph, Apple has jettisoned the accessory in order to target consumers more concerned with style than technology.  College Humor created a YouTube sketch titled “Apple: Call It the iWatch and We’ll Kill You.”

Apple’s gadget-turned-accoutrement is able to access text messages, Facebook updates, and simple applications on our wrists rather than spending the energy of drudging up an iPhone out of your trouser pocket (though a fairly uncomplicated task, it’s practically hard labor compared to a simple flick of the wrist), the Apple Watch eliminates the all-too-common urge to take out our devices to check our emails and other vaguely important messages.  Checking your Facebook notifications will come across as far less rude when displayed on your arm than in the palm of your hand—it’s even likely you’d be perceived as a punctual, responsibly checking your watch throughout the hour.

The 8GB of storage with some restrictions limit the amount of photos and music that can be stored directly on the smart-watch, yet it’s actually double the space of 4GB Android Wear watches (nearly a fossil now), and most content streams from the iPhone.  Not to mention an exponentially decreased chance of losing your Apple product, as it’s now strapped to your person.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6, and even bigger 5.5-inch iPhone 6, will comfortably remain snug in your back pocket—no need to wrestle it out of there.

You can read emails, receive calls, track fitness goals and failures, nag at Siri, and so much a little more.

The Apple Watch can also function independently without an iPhone, for those who wish to cut out the middleman.  Other apps designed for the watch include Apple Pay, Passbook flight check-ins, iTunes, WeChat and Twitter.

Astonishingly, you’re even able to tell the time fairly accurately as well.

Though performance is important, the device’s design is actually quite beautiful to look at. It’s doubtlessly the best-looking model of all smart watches out at the moment. Though this isn’t exactly a feat, it looks tempting enough to snatch and slap on your own wrist.  It doesn’t matter if “the Apple Watch isn’t for everyone;” what matters is that we all look the part of a future commune.

I’m not saying that my ideal dystopia is The Island, though I wouldn’t mind the space-grey uniformity as a fashion trend (I’m still anxiously awaiting 2025, by which time with any luck, those silver jumpsuits from the future will finally have come in). The public will be one step closer to looking like walking Tony Starks, the American Dream.

Though the iPhone, the iPad, and the Mac are enough to support Apple financially for many years to come, Apple truly exists for its ability to create new products.  Essentially, Apple is the bastion of a frighteningly fast-approaching modern world.

When pre-orders begin on April 10, the Apple Watch price ranges from $349 for the entry-level Sport model to $17,000 for the top-tier 18-karat gold editions. I expect everyone who can afford it to purchase one immediately.  And for those with insufficient funds—students—the first to go on sale are your responsibility.