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Interview Season: Dress to Impress

May is quickly approaching, and that means it’s job interview season. After submitting applications, perfecting resumes and fine-tuning cover letters, the interview is the place where you get to sell yourself and put a face to your c redentials. For seniors and underclassmen applying for summer internships, this process can be exceptionally daunting. To put your minds at ease, I’ve created a list of what to wear and what not to wear for a job interview. Happy job hunting!

DO NOT wear shoes that are uncomfortable. You are not applying to be a stilt-walker at the circus. Heels that are too high can also make your posture look terrible. Flats can sometimes be the best option. If you wear socks with the particular pair of shoes you’ve chosen, don’t wear white socks! Black or brown look the cleanest.


DO wear a pop of color. Whoever said to strictly wear black, white and blue to a job interview was wrong! Adding color shows that you are personable and creative, while still being professional.


DO NOT wear a chunky circle scarf. A small, silk scarf is a good alternative if you choose to accessorize in that way.


DO invest in a blazer, if you haven’t already. Blazers are transparent in that they easily show the quality of the fabric that is used. If you buy a cheap blazer, unfortunately, it will fit you in a strange way and bunch at your shoulders. Blazers are one of the garments that I recommend you invest in and splurge a little. It is most likely something that you will wear often and have for a very long time.


DO NOT wear a polo shirt. It looks tacky and it isn’t professional. No one you are interviewing will take you seriously if you’re showing too much arm skin. Keep it classy and wear a long-sleeved, button down shirt.