Spoon University brings new flavor to campus

By Emma Brice

One of the main concerns people face when going off to college is the unknown territory of what the food will be like. Meals play a crucial role in a college student’s life, and luckily the University of Puget Sound has been granted several diverse options. Recently the University welcomed Spoon University to campus, giving an additional food resource to students in addition to from The Cellar and the S.U.B.

The purpose of Spoon University is to inform college students (who may be navigating their own kitchens or campuses for the first time) about food, while also providing the chance for those involved to build skills in writing, photography, videography, marketing, event planning, and business. My hope is that students at UPS will find Spoon to be an enriching addition to our campus, and those involved will find it rewarding,” Colleen Hanson, a Puget Sound student who is the drive behind bringing the program to campus, said.

Spoon University is a food resource for college students. It will bring cool recipes with things from the Cellar, life hacks for UPS students, awesome restaurants to try around campus, and all things food! Anyone interested in photography, planning events, social media, writing articles, and food should definitely be excited,” Matthew Dickman, a student participant in the production of the program, said.

With the addition of Spoon University to campus, there is no longer a need to worry about the search for flavorful food. It gives students an opportunity to cook for themselves simply, cheaply and conveniently. If the S.U.B. food is not appealing, Spoon University can offer alternative snacks with a different vibe.

“Spoon University is important and relevant because it not only engages students in something we all share in common – food – but it utilizes this common thing as a way to build skills applicable to the real world,” Hanson said.

Spoon University will hold events each month for Puget Sound students to attend who are interested in seeing the variety of tasty treats available to them.

“Every month, there will be an event with a theme that is given to us by Spoon themselves and there will be plenty of food at these events and they should be very fun,” Dickman said.

Although Spoon University is an excellent resource, it can’t function without the involvement and support from campus students.

“Another reason I became involved is because I have some pretty cool recipes (in my opinion), that I would love to write articles about to teach to everyone else here,​” Dickman said. Spoon University gives students the chance to share their passion for food while spreading different flavors around.

Hanson is enthusiastic about the future of Spoon.

“In order to be a member, students have to submit an application online through Spoon University’s website. The application is fairly straightforward and simple, so it is really easy to get involved! The deadline has passed for leaders, but interested members have until February 21st to apply,” she said.