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Golf team starts their spring

Both the men and women’s Logger golf teams hosted the Puget Sound Invitational to kick off their spring seasons.

The two-day invitational, which took place at the Gold Mountain Golf Course in Bremerton, Wash. on March 7-8, put Puget Sound up against Lewis and Clark College, Linfield College, Pacific Lutheran University, Whitman College and Whitworth University.

The Puget Sound Invitational is a two day tournament that Logger golf invites other teams in the Northwest Conference to participate in. Each day the golfers play 18 holes at the Gold Mountain Golf Course which spans 6,559 yards. For this course, the par is 76 strokes.

Scoring at the Puget Sound Invitational is a two-day accumulation of team strokes. Each time a golfer on a team swings, that is one stroke added to their personal total. At the end of each day, the personal totals of all of the golfers on a team are added up to create the team total. The two team totals from each day are then added to get the invitational score for each team. This total determines the winner of the invitational.

The invitational ended without a victory for Puget Sound, as Pacific Lutheran finished with a three stroke lead and winning the men’s event with 595 (296 on day one, 299 on day two) and Whitman won the women’s event with 632 (317 on day one, 315 on day two).

The Logger men placed fourth with a score of 629 (317 on day one, 312 on day two) and the Logger women placed fifth with a score of 749 (374 on day one, 375 on day two).

The Logger men’s team was led by sophomore Ben Hayes (Fairlee, Vt.) who shot 152 (76 on day one, 76 on day two) and tied for 11 in the invitational. Seniors Adam Bean (Portland. Ore.) and Ricky Howard (Madison, Wisc.) closely followed Hayes, both shooting 155; Bean shot 81 on day one, 74 on day two, and Howard shot 75 on day one, 80 on day two. Bean and Howard tied for 12 in the invitational.

The Logger women’s team was led by junior Halle Peterson (Boulder, Colo.) who finished with 161 (81 on day one, 80 on day two) to finish ninth in the invitational. Finishing behind Peterson for the Loggers was senior Molly Nelson (Bothell, Wash.) who scored 176 (88 on day one, 88 on day two) to finish nineteenth in the invitational.

Next, both Logger men and women will compete in the Whitman Easter Invitational at the Wine Valley Golf Course in Walla Walla, Wash. on Apr. 3-4.