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What a game. I still can’t believe what happened.

Excitement, offense, defense and controversy.

All of it was in this game. And it all led to a Seahawks loss, or in another perspective, a Patriots victory, as some University of Puget Sound student would proudly state.

In the end, the Seahawks lost 28-24 to the Patriots due to a heart-stopping interception.

The matchup was how it was supposed to be.

It was supposed to be the Seahawks versus Patriots in the Super Bowl, and it has been since summer.

It was supposed to be the young shooting star Russell Wilson versus the wily veteran Tom Brady.

It was supposed to be Pete Carroll versus Bill Belicheck.

It was supposed to be a Seahawks victory…

One play away.

If Seahawks wide reciever Ricardo Lockette would have fought more, maybe they would have won.

If Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler didn’t accelerate faster than he will his entire life, maybe the Patriots would have lost.

And, finally if offenisve coordinator Darrell Bevell had called a run and not a pass, maybe the Seahawks would have won. First-year student Sarah Davidson (Westfield, New Jersey) offered her thoughts on the final play.

“What people are forgetting is that both Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell are the ones who got us to the Super Bowl, calling plays all season, that allowed our team to be that close to another win. So, yes I feel as if we had other options (ones that in hindsight seem like “better” calls), but realistically they called what made most sense to them, and I can’t argue with their experience and their success,” Davidson said.

It was the end of the game that made us viewers remember that we were watching the Super Bowl, and sophomore Rob Korbel (Denver, Colo.) loved it.

“It was a more than exciting ending. An unbelievable catch from [Jermaine] Kearse and then an unbelievably surprising interception to win the game. Instant classic,” Korbel said.

One of the bigger stories throughout the week was the anticipation of Russell Wilson and Tom Brady meeting in the Super Bowl, both elite quarterbacks.

Korbel added his thoughts on their similarities, “I think Russell and Tom are both very smart quarterbacks. They both have receiving cores that aren’t renowned and still produce impressive passing numbers. Even though Brady has more experience in the league than Russell, they seemingly are both hard workers off the field, preparing for defenses and games in particular,” Korbel said.

It’s not certain whether Russell and Tom will ever meet again, but it is clear that the Seahawks have a bright future ahead of them.

“The Seahawks thrive off of team morale which typically translates into great chemistry on the field. I think this past season has been one that has been full of team growth, and I have every 12th woman’s faith in their ability to do it all again next season. Because WHY NOT US?!” Davidson said.

It was a painful end of the game, but not an end to the dynasty of the Seahawks.