ASUPS prepares for fall elections


On Monday, Sept. 15, election packets for ASUPS Fall 2014 elections became available in Wheelock Student Center.

University of Puget Sound students have the opportunity to participate in elections by running for one of the seven positions available and voting for their peers.

“This is really exciting because we’re going to have a lot of new faces on Senate, and we’re also going to have just a lot of new voices and people to interact with. Especially the freshman senators, that should be pretty exciting as well,” ASUPS President Paige Maney said.

Anyone interested is encouraged to pick up a packet in Wheelock room 210 or to find one online at to learn more about each position. They are due to Wheelock 210 by Monday, Oct. 6 at 5 p.m.

Polls open Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 9 a.m. All Puget Sound students are encouraged to vote online and at the tables in the S.U.B. until Monday, Oct. 13, when the polls close at 5 p.m.

These fall elections are geared toward students who want to have their voices heard in terms of improving all aspects of campus life here at Puget Sound.

There are seven positions that are available and open to all current students.

“Basically, there are seven senator positions open. They include two Senators-at-Large, one Res. Hall Senator, one Residence House Senator, Freshman Senator, Greek Senator,” ASUPS Vice President Marc Fagaragan said.

Anyone from first-year students to seniors may apply to these positions. ASUPS is not looking for any specific type of person, but rather students who notice things that they would like to change on campus and are willing to voice their opinions.

“I honestly believe that everyone has their own voice,” Fagaragan said.

“And I think Senate is such a great opportunity for those students who feel like they’re not being heard or that being in such a position would enable them to do more than what they’re doing right now.”

All elected senators will provide a voice for the group they are representing. They will speak on behalf of their group’s opinions as well as make decisions based on the group’s needs.

“Each senator represents a different subset of our student body, you could say,” Fagaragan said.

“It doesn’t matter what your position is, because everyone has the same equal voice.”

Fall elections are an important part of the student voice on campus and are a way to be involved with the current ASUPS leadership group.

“My goal for these elections, even though we’re not voting for the president or vice president of the student body, I want these to be just as important as spring elections just because seven senators is a big portion of the ASUPS leadership team and the ASUPS Student Senate,” Fagaragan said.

Senators are required to go to Formal Senate once a week and attend Special Committee meetings.

They are also expected to act as a liaison between committees and clubs.

“I would definitely say that Senate is about at the very least a four-hour time commitment per week,” Maney said.

“Realistically it is about eight hours or more, considering what you decide to get involved in, and how you decide to involve yourself on campus, which would be more rewarding in my opinion.”

In addition to running for Senator positions, it is easy to get involved with ASUPS in alternative ways. Anyone can attend Formal Senate and express opinions at the open forum once a week as well as look at the minutes from these meetings on the ASUPS website.

Café hours also offer students opportunities to talk with the ASUPS team about any issues that may be happening on campus.

ASUPS offices are upstairs in the S.U.B., and these leaders are available throughout the week.