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Brothers From Another visit the Puget Sound area

Brothers From Another, a rap duo from Seattle, visited Puget Sound on Friday, Nov. 18. They stopped by a house party at 12th and Adams and graced undergrads and Tacoma locals alike with phat beats in a packed and sweaty unfinished basement. Despite competition from SAE’s Tron-themed dance party, Brothers From Another managed to fill the house with dancing Loggers. Recently, Brothers From Another released their first full-length album, Quality of Living, pulling the title from a quote on the group’s website: “We have realized that what life really is...
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Blogger, artist, musician: Scott Hansen’s Tycho LP stays consistent with themes of nostalgia

On Oct. 4, 2011, Sacramento native Scott Hansen released his second Tycho LP, “Dive.” Now 36 years old, Hansen has worked primarily as an independent graphic designer who runs a blog called ISO50, and since 2004 has occasionally released and performed music as Tycho. Those who followed Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign might remember Hansen for the piece he submitted to the “Artists for Obama” series, which featured ten artists’ works in an effort to support Obama’s presidential race, with all proceeds from the art going toward his campaign fund....
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First string orchestra concert of the year a masterful success

On Wednesday, Oct. 5 the University of Puget Sound’s String Orchestra gave their first performance of the year, clocking in at just under 90 minutes. Led by conductor Christophe Chagnard, the orchestra worked its way through three pieces by 20th century composers, and no two sounded alike. The first was Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings,” a shorter piece worked around a melodic ascending melody. The second was Chagnard’s own “Roma,” a piece composed in 2010 which Chagnard dedicated to his guitar teacher Neil Andersson. The piece is heavily influenced by...
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Justice Prepare to Release New Album

French electronic duo Justice is set to release their sophomore effort, Audio, Video, Disco, on October 25th. At least three tracks have already been released, either by leak or as singles, and after hearing just one track it becomes quite clear that this album is not going to be a repeat of 2007’s Cross. Of the album, producer/songwriter Xavier de Rosnay called Audio, Video, Disco “daytime music,” and indicated its sound will be relatively lighter than its predecessor. “The first album wasn't really meant to be dance-oriented; we were just...
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