Combat Zone

Plague reincarnated with 2048

A lonely janitor sweeps through Thompson Hall for the third time that day, more out of habit rather than out of necessity, as no one else has walked through the empty corridors in days.

The entire campus is barren; not a soul is in sight.

What came to the Puget Sound campus and took everyone away?

The answer is simple: 2048.

The game is a simple one, with the objective being adding up to the number 2048.

Simple enough, yet the game contains a certain appeal, one that draws people of all walks of life to neglect every other aspect of their lives to fulfill the simple urge of adding numbers up to 2048.

The game has spread like a virus throughout the campus, with less and less students attending class as they continue to beat the game.

One students describes how even their professor has cancelled class for the last three weeks “for medical purposes,” though he has been spotted on campus in relatively good health, other than the obvious fact that his eyes were glued to his smart phone.

As fewer classes are being taught, the school has considered shutting down for a brief hiatus until someone reaches 2048.

Until then, the campus community will continue to struggle to succeed at beating this truly horrific game.