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Women’s soccer team ends with a loss, but a successful season and NWC trophy in hand

As the fall season for sports ends and teams wrap up the past few months, the women’s soccer team reflects back at the unforgettable season it had.

At the top of the scoreboard, Puget Sound finished with a score of 13-1-2 in their conference and a score of 17-3-2 for their overall season.

With a predominantly winning season along with undefeated home turf wins, the Loggers exemplified the hard work and talent that went into composing the team.

The Loggers’ last game took place on Nov. 23 at the third round of the NCAA Championships in St. Louis, Mo. The team faced off against Washington University, the number-one ranked school in the bracket with a record of 20-1-0. Despite the team’s efforts, they lost 3-0 to the Bears.

The team saw many highlights throughout the season, from individual highlights and momentous events to accomplishments for the whole team.

Placing 15th nationally as well as being in the sweet 16 of the NCAA championships was a proud accomplishment for the team.

Starting her soccer career at the age of five years old and keeping up with the sport until being recruited by head coach Randy Hanson, junior Robin Vieira (Seattle, Wash.) had many defining moments of her appreciation for the team here. One highlight for her was not only an individual success, but a team one as well.

“Assisting Amalia’s winning goal in double over-time against Hardin-Simmons, and being at the bottom of the dog-pile…. crying with happiness but not having any tears come out because I was so tired,” Vieira said.

Being one of the captains allowed her to take control of the team and oversee the progress, not only throughout this season, but compared to past ones as well.

Each captain played a large role in the success of the team.

“I tend to be the captain who observes and steps in when necessary. I feel I have a strong relationship with each girl, which helps me understand the underlying dynamic of the team. I think that my organization, vocalization (when necessary), and strong belief in every player helps ground the team when needed,” Vieira said.

Throughout this season, the team saw many strengths and weaknesses.

Some of the strengths were the bond the team created both on and off the field along with the determination and talent each individual contributed.

Weaknesses included understanding how the reputation of being the hardest team to play put more pressure on them along with having to overcome many injuries.

With a long dedication to soccer since she was five years old, senior Hannah Hawkins (Everett, Wash.) came to Puget Sound knowing it was the college for her.

As another captain, Hawkins sees her position as being the backbone for the team and for keeping a positive outlook.

This team compared to past ones has seen a change not only in their team dynamic, but also in their progress in rankings.

They created a tighter bond together and have reached NCAA championships for the first time. Being a part of the NCAA championships was an unforgettable moment for all the players.

“[Being a part of the NCAA championships is] unbelievable and all I could ever want. You feel a sort of obligation to the program, like you are playing for something bigger than just you. It’s so competitive and awesome,” Vieira said.

“It’s a really awesome experience because it’s a rare opportunity to play high ranked teams and see where you match up and then learn from them. Also it’s a time when you realize how much of a legacy you are a part of as soccer alumni come from all over to show their support and cheer you on in the games. The extra pressure during the games makes it that much more exciting to play and win!” Hawkins said.

The women’s soccer team proved not only to themselves, but to other Loggers and other teams as well, how strong of a team they truly are.

Such a successful season took many components, such as individual effort and talent, team cohesion, and dedication. The team this year really came together to prove what women’s soccer at Puget Sound means.

“After our first three games we had to win the rest of our games in order to have a chance at winning conference and this pressure was positive in that everyone knew what was required of us so we were determined to outplay every team. We didn’t let the other teams affect the way in which we played and we were always mentally and physically prepared,” Hawkins said.

Since the season ended, the team is now preparing for next season during the spring with lots of off-field training.

Working together off the field will strengthen their bond and will hopefully prepare them for another successful season in 2014.

“[The Puget Sound women’s soccer team is] a team that is dedicated to one another and determined to represent the program and school in the highest way possible,” Hawkins said.