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Tennis win streak hits eight

The Puget Sound women’s tennis team has had an impressive eight-game winning streak during this last half of their season. This streak was easily seen during the Loggers’ time in Orlando, Fla. during spring break when they faced off against Calvin, Colorado College, Lawrence and Hollis.

On Monday, March 18 the Loggers had their first game in their Florida tournament. This first game was against Calvin, and the Loggers came out strong in the beginning, taking a 6-3 victory.

After taking every point in the doubles matches, it would have been extremely difficult for Calvin College to attempt a comeback. Even though they did manage to earn several points in the singles matches, it was not enough and the Loggers took the first game of their tournament.

The second game of the tournament was against Colorado College on Tuesday, March 19. Similar to their previous game against Calvin, the Loggers were aggressive in their doubles matches to take the early lead in the game.

The Loggers won two out of their three doubles matches with help from junior Logan Thompson (Decorah, Iowa), junior Marissa Friedman (Novato, Calif.), junior Jenna Gerdsen (Kamuela, Hawaii) and sophomore Josie Dow (Seattle, Wash.).  Since these matches only put them at 2-1 the Loggers quickly worked in the singles and managed to win the game 6-3 overall.

The next game was played on Wednesday, March 20 against Lawrence. This game was a good one for the Loggers: everything came together perfectly in the doubles and singles matches.

Once again the Loggers swept the doubles matches with Gerdsen, Dow, Friedman and Thompson winning again, along with help from senior Maddie Thiesse (Chanhassen, Minn.) and sophomore Allison Embernate (Kihei, Hawaii).

During the singles matches the Loggers stayed in perfect form to continue their sweep against Lawrence. The Loggers took the game 8-1 over Lawrence, making this their third win during the Spring Break tournament.

The final game of break was played on Thursday, March 21 against Hollins. Unlike their previous games, the Loggers were unable to easily take the doubles and were only able to win one match thanks to Dow and Gerdsen.

After the doubles sets, the Loggers were clearly behind Hollins, but managed to have a comeback during the singles.  After sweeping four of the singles matches, the Loggers found themselves ahead of their opponents and the winners of the game.

After sweeping the entire tournament, the Loggers returned after Spring Break to continue their success in their next match against Bellevue College on Saturday, March 30. This was another easy win for the Loggers, who took the game 8-1, helping their eight-game winning streak.

The next game the Loggers will play will be against cross-town rival Pacific Lutheran on Today, Friday, April 5 in the Tennis Pavilion.