Loggers lacking in sufficent school pride

It is rare to see any kind of school spirit on this campus.

A large part of what makes us look less-than-enthusiastic about our Logger-ness is our response to the majority of sporting events on this campus. Many games are played without a decently sized cheerleading section or enough fans to show solidarity and Logger pride.

Even if our sports teams fail to get us all riled up, there are still a few things that we should cheer about.

First of all, the Huffington Post ranked us as one of the top 40 most socially awkward colleges in the country. With over 2000 four-year colleges in the United States, that title is impressive to say the least. This is something we can potentially get excited about.

The most awkward characters in TV shows are always the most funny and lovable, despite the extreme embarrassment they may cause their viewers. We should be proud to count ourselves among the most awkward of the bunch.

Another thing to cheer for is being voted the top 20 LGBT-friendly campuses in the country by The Advocate, a prominent source of LGBT news and information. This entails having a large and outspoken LGBT community and an environment that promotes acceptance and tolerance on campus.

Sustainability is another source of pride for our school, one that sets us apart form other liberal arts institutions nationwide. Although there are still many improvements to our current practices that we should undertake, the campus can be smug about our students’ efforts to push the administration to make productive changes.

Another impressive achievement was when KUPS brought home the MTV Woodie award for best college radio station in 2009. Our station was recognized as one of the top in the nation, an enormously gratifying experience given our school’s small size and the comparatively gargantuan budgets of our competitors.

We are awkward, prolific, gay, green, artsy Loggers. If all those reasons don’t make you loud and proud to be a student here at Puget Sound, I don’t know what would. Next time you get the chance, get off your unenthusiastic butts, go to a game and support our school.