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Ultimate frisbee makes some noise

Ultimate Frisbee is a popular and growing sport on the Puget Sound campus.  The Ultimate Frisbee team is one club sport that deserves recognition for their talent and their overall campus involvement.

The sport of Ultimate Frisbee combines aspects of different sports, such as football’s end zone and soccer’s style of passing. The sport is played with a flying disc, and the overall object is for the game is to score points by passing the disc to players in the opponent’s end zone. Ultimate frisbee gains popularity every year.

One Puget Sound alumnus, who was part of the Ultimate Frisbee club team, started the first online Ultimate Frisbee club, and in 2010 the captain of the team, senior Ky Lewis (San Diego, Calif.), and five other alumni were asked to become founders of this online magazine.

Throughout the year, the club will attend different tournaments throughout the Northwest. These tournaments last an entire weekend, and the team can play anywhere from 6 to 8 different matches of Ultimate.

During their fall season, the team will use the tournaments they attend as tryouts and as practices, allowing them a fun way to improve their skills. They are able to mix in different players all the time, which lets everyone on the team play.

Next spring they will have tryouts for their A team and B team for their upcoming season. Last year, the A team had a match in May at the United States Ultimate Association’s Northwest Regionals, putting them one step away from going to nationals.

Recently, the team attended the Oregon Fall Ultimate Disc Games in Eugene, Ore. The Puget Sound ltimate Frisbee team was able to put up great scores against larger schools such as Western Washington and Washington State.

“Our season overall this year is a success. Our freshmen and new players are improving every day and our team is looking to improve just as we have every year. In fact, in Corvallis, where we sent two teams, one of our teams made it to the semifinals of Beaver Brawl, where they had a great game against the University of Oregon Ego,” Lewis said.

There is definitely a promising season ahead for this club team. They have the talent and dedication to accomplish all of their goals this year, so the Puget Sound community should definitely keep their eyes out for the Ultimate Team this spring.

“We have two goals this year. We either want to qualify for Division 1 Nationals or win D-3 Nationals. Which road we take is dependent on how we do early in the spring season and how the rest of each division looks. We really would like to make it a first, and qualify for the big show. I expect us to make some big noise because we have some extremely committed and athletic players that we are ready to show off. With our coach back with us this next semester we should be ready to do big things,” Lewis said.