Campus seeks greener containers

An unusual sight appeared in the Diner last week: A Dasani bottled water display. To put any confusion to rest, the water bottle display was not placed in the Diner by University staff. Instead, a Dasani salesman placed it there over the weekend, without consulting anyone. Dining and Conference Services promptly removed it the following Monday morning.

“Even though the Dasani water bottles were made from compostable corn products, the University does not have the composting capabilities to handle them,” Diner Manager Melissa Flood said.

“We do not have the ability to compost most vegetable-based plastics so it did not make sense for us to sell them,” Flood added.

Flood continued to explain that they removed the Dasani display because it did not fit within the University’s stance on sustainability. “We are encouraging Puget Sound students and staff to use reusable mugs and containers. We are working towards eliminating all water bottles.”

Additionally, cups of cereal and coffeemate creamers have recently been removed from the Diner to promote sustainability. A pilot program proposed by the Environmental Policy and Decision Making minor for reusable to-go containers is getting set up, although there is not a set date for its implementation.

“Diversions cafe also promotes sustainability and encourages people to bring in their own cups or use the ‘for-here’ mugs,” Diversions Cafe Human Resource Manager Christopher Brennan said.

“And even more paper can be eliminated if you reuse the sticker with your coffee order on it, and keep it on your reusable mug,” Flood added.

ASUPS is working towards establishing “water stations” throughout various locations on campus.

The proposal for the stations seeks to hire a company that will retrofit fountains and have a stilling station accessible for water bottles.