New Aquatics Center Coming Fall 2016

Logger Athletic’s expansion of Memorial Fieldhouse is approaching its financial benchmark. The project is budgeted at $19.4 million, with $14.8 million currently raised of the $17.5 million goal for financial donations. The project should be completed by fall 2016.

The expansion will contain the new Athletics and Aquatics Center, a 12,500-square-foot area that will almost double the size of the current available fitness area. Included in this expansion are new equipment, a new day locker room and a new climbing wall.

“The new aquatics center will be built adjacent to Memorial Fieldhouse, and include a stretch 25-yard swimming pool with a moveable bulkhead… eight-foot-wide lanes and three warm-up lanes for instruction, rehabilitation and therapy, as well as seating for nearly 400 spectators,” the One [of a Kind] campaign page reads. “The new aquatics center will be joined to Memorial Fieldhouse via a modern, three-story great hall with floor-to-ceiling windows and an entrance on North 11th Street. The reception area will include the Loggers Hall of Fame and video showcase, a juice bar/cafe and patron amenities.”

These new facilities will be put to use by students and staff, but also by the alumni and the community members who partake in the athletic opportunities offered by this expansion, including the Little Loggers camps for youth in the Tacoma area.

Other aspects delve into other academic areas.

“The new natatorium will offer more opportunities for students in the health sciences—especially in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and exercise science—to provide therapy, training and learning,” President Ronald Thomas said. “The new building will also offer the opportunity to provide additional classrooms, clearer navigation and circulation for the complexity of the Memorial Fieldhouse, an additional elevator for access, more restrooms, and even a place to learn about the history of athletics at Puget Sound. It’s a great addition to campus life.”

As part of the master plan, the development of the Athletics and Aquatics Center is a section of the second phase of the three phases. Other parts of this phase include building a parking garage by the Fieldhouse, remodeling parts of Kittredge Hall and creating an Alumni/Events Center.

Modern aspects of the project are in line with other areas of campus renovation. The new facility will be fully accessible and more easily navigable, and will include gender-neutral restrooms, which has been a priority for some students at the University.

Regardless, the new Athletics and Aquatics Center will be a welcome addition to the campus, demonstrating how the master plan is renovating Puget Sound for present and future students alike.

“Everyone is (or should be) interested in better health—and this facility will go a long way to doing that for a residential campus like ours,” President Thomas said.

To make a donation, you can visit the One [of a Kind] campaign page and pledge a donation. Valued trustees will match each donation made to the Athletics and Aquatics Center, dollar for dollar.