Grizz wants you to vote: students voice their opinions on this year’s presidential and vice presidential candidates

I’m voting for Austin and Alissa because I think they combined have the most experience both in broad leadership roles and ASUPS. In addition, I believe they are people of action and not merely talk and their values align with my own. I have faith that they are the best candidates to lead our school.

-Caroline Harris

I look up to both Alexia and Sergio for maintaining amazing leadership positions. I believe they will carry these titles with them into their positions in office and will only help to benefit the Puget Sound campus greatly.

-Hailey Greer

I’m voting for Tim and Kaitlyn for ASUPS President and Vice President because they are experienced, driven and responsible candidates. I believe that they are fully capable of representing and caring for our student body.

-Marissa Irish

I’m voting for [Nakisha Renée Jones] because I think there is a lot of potential for ASUPS to be more proactive in its advocacy for the most marginalized students on our campus. It’s no secret that many students feel unsafe and unwelcome here, and that is unacceptable. I’m deeply concerned by problematic structures and attitudes at Puget Sound that need to be addressed, and I think Nakisha has demonstrated time and again that she is committed to advocating for marginalized students, and to enacting substantive change on campus. We need someone as committed and driven as Nakisha to be in a position of leadership to see that the necessary changes happen.

-Lindsey Conrad


The Trail believes that the ASUPS President and Vice-President elected should espouse values of inclusion, access and justice. The elected individuals should also have a strong record of support for student clubs and organizations, coupled with evidence of action on behalf of those clubs and organizations.

As such, The Trail formally endorses Nakisha Renée Jones and Kaitlyn Vallance for ASUPS President and ASUPS Vice President, respectively.