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Culture of intramural sports brings out the fun

Intramurals this year have been quite the success. Participation has been very good, with teams filling out easily.

The new season just started this week, and the past one brought out the fun and competitive spirit that everyone wants to see.

Some of the choices include five versus five basketball, dodgeball, indoor and outdoor soccer, volleyball and walleyball (a combination of volleyball and wall-ball).

The season goes until Dec. 5. Every sport is co-ed with the exception of five versus five basketball, which has the option of a men-only team as well.

First year student Angie Inn (San Francisco, Calif.) was part of an intramural outdoor soccer team and enjoyed being part of the team.

“I loved the team I was playing on because we had all played competitively before and had become good friends during orientation so we meshed really well together,” Inn said.

Playing intramurals can be a way to play the sport you love without having to commit to a long-term varsity sport. In playing intramurals, one can still play with friends and have a good time. For Inn, it was soccer.

“I was interested in soccer because I played competitively my whole life and wanted to continue playing in college without the stress of a full-time commitment to varsity level,” Inn said.

For soccer, the games are usually played on Todd Field or on the turf football field; referees are assigned to each game and are consistent in showing up.

Another first year student, Madisan Bryant (Spokane, Wash.) was also part of an intramural soccer team and enjoyed every bit of it, voicing the same thoughts as Inn.

“I played my whole life and I wanted to do something with my friends that was completely relaxing and fun… It’s a different way to have fun outside our norm of hanging out,” Bryant said.

What’s most important for everyone involved with intramurals is having fun while having some of the competitive spirit that may have been seen previously when playing the sport.

It is a way to release stress while doing something one loves.

Additionally, participation and numerous players are key for intramurals,  as it can increase the level of entertainment because everyone wants to be a part of it while also trying to enjoy it.

Chances are, the game will be played with or against a friend, and that can help with participation rates.

Even though there is a small commitment in meeting a couple times a week, winning is still just as important.

For Bryant, she was looking for a little bit more out of the team.

“I thought we would win more than a couple games, so that was disappointing, but it was still fun,” Bryant said.

Winning isn’t everything, but to have that type of competitive spirit in all of the sports is important, because spicing the game up a little bit can make it that more attractive to someone who is interested in joining.

Now that we are in November, the basketball season is open and provides another sport to come out and play. For intramurals,  there is always a variety of sports to choose from, no matter the season. Having this accessibility is important in the whole system.

Most importantly, the culture makes everything. The fact that someone can be playing a sport they love while not needing to commit to a varsity sport is an extremely important option for students to be able to access on campus.