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New Ultimate Frisbee recruit becomes star player

The top high-school Frisbee player has committed to the University of Puget Sound club Frisbee team.

The new recruit is named Max Peanut-butter.  Peanut-butter is a purebred American Fox Hound. His father has won many North American Gun Dog competitions, while Peanut-butter’s mother won the National Dog Show presented by Purina in 2006.

“The dog has literally been bred to play Frisbee,” Tanner Smith said. “Max’s parents are some of the finest dogs in North America and the world.”

Smith is a dog breeder located in Manchester, Kentucky. Peanut-butter was the only pup in the litter Smith kept. Smith looked Peanut-butter in the eye as a pup and said he knew this dog was special.

Smith stated that Peanut-butter exceled at Frisbee at a young age. By the time Peanut-butter was six months old Smith knew the dog was going to be an incredible ultimate Frisbee player.

“The town of Manchester is way too small,” Smith said. “I had to get [Peanut-butter] to a school that could foster his talent.”

Smith sent Peanut-butter to an all men’s boarding school in Queens, New York. By the time Peanut-butter became a sophomore in high school, he had already became on of the nation’s top Ultimate players.

Athletic director Amy Tacket was heavily involved in recruiting Peanut-butter to the University of Puget Sound. The University started sending letters of interest to Peanut-butter when he was a sophomore in high school.

“Usually I am not involved in recruiting players for teams and we don’t recruit for club teams, but he [Peanut-butter] is such a unique talent and brings so much to our Ultimate team the University had to have him,” Tacket said.

Tacket did admit there was trouble convincing admissions to let a dog attend the University. Admissions saw many issues with the former prospect.

Peanut-butter declined to comment for this story, as he does not in fact speak human.