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Softball will miss three key senior players


The game on Sunday, April 13 was a momentous one for the softball team for many reasons: it was the last one of the season, it was seniors’ last game of their respective college careers and the team came out with a win.

The season was a non-stop series of games from February to April. While the overall record was not the strongest or best, the team created lots of memories throughout road trips, practices and games. After this year, the team loses three key players who have all helped guide the dominantly underclassmen team.

Jenica Holt (Pleasanton, Calif.), Taylor Jones (Keizer, Ore.) and Chelsea Lindroth (Everett, Wash.)  have all grown up playing softball and have been very dedicated to the sport and to the team. As they graduate and leave Puget Sound, they pass on all that they have learned in hopes of continuously improving the softball program.

Holt, who has been playing softball since third grade and is now an outfielder, is not only a dedicated student athlete but she also engages in Greek Life as a member or Pi Beta Phi, participates in numerous clubs—Amnesty International, Relay for Life and the Student Athletic Advisory Committee—and serves as a Peer Advisor and Physiology TA. Her involvement in other activities allows her to be immersed in the Puget Sound community.

“I’ve loved softball since I started playing and something about the thinking and precision involved in the game is what drove me to ultimately choose it as my main competitive sport. In my college search, softball actually wasn’t a huge factor. Puget Sound was really the only school I was looking at where I could play at the collegiate level. I fell in love with the campus and decided to come here because of its academic rigor and the friendly atmosphere I experienced on my visit. Playing softball was an added bonus; however, it has been the best decision I’ve made and I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to play at the DIII level,” Holt said.

Jones, who is also a member of the women’s basketball team, has been a major asset to the softball team. As a utility player she is able to play many positions, indicating her well-roundedness as a player. Jones has played 29 total games and has scored 15 runs—the highest among the team. Due to her strong and well-refined skills, she received second team All NWC.

Lindroth, while she has only been at Puget Sound for two years after transferring from Shoreline Community College, has seen a growth not only in her leadership ability but also in the bonds between her and her teammates. Lindroth has had a long history of playing softball, starting with tee-ball at the age of five before moving on to baseball at age 12 and then switching to softball after. Lindroth is also a utility player and has played a major role in the games.

“A personal achievement that I have made is becoming a better leader and I tried to be more consistent with my approach and attitude, no matter what was going on…The past four years of my collegiate career, at my former school and here, I have found my voice a and have become a mentally stronger person,” Lindroth said.

As seniors, the three players understand their obligation to ensure that the team runs smoothly and to be leader and role models for the underclassmen.

“Over my four years here, I’ve definitely improved in skill but also in confidence. With every year I’ve gained more and more confidence in my ability and this year I feel like I was able to face every game with a level-head. Although I didn’t have desirable outcomes in every game, I think that my four years have taught me how to deal with both failure and success by focusing on the next play or next pitch.

“Although you may or may not succeed, you move on to the next play and I think this is a valuable lesson I will carry on even after my softball career is over…I’m not your typical leader who will rally the troops before the big game. I view myself more as a ‘lead by example’ person. I put in the hard work and hope that others will follow. I think that I’ve provided a friendly face on the field and have been there to pick up my teammates,” Holt said.

The softball program has improved throughout the season, and the players are planning on only getting better throughout the years.

The three seniors have high hopes for the team not only in terms of skill, but also in the players’ ability to continue to develop strong bonds with their teammates.