Combat Zone

Verdict reached: I am not a real adult

After a long and heated conversation with my parents last Friday, I concluded that, when you really consider my actions, I am in no way an adult capable of being responsible about mostly anything.
While I understand that legally I am technically an adult because I have experienced my 18th birthday, lived on my own and can buy my own alcohol, I believe these are just a few of the accomplishments a person must achieve to be a productive and effective citizen in society.
For example, in addition to the exceptional accomplishments mentioned above, an adult also ought not be 10 minutes late to everything they attend because they were playing Magic: The Gathering with themselves in their bedroom. A responsible adult would simply understand that the cards would be there when I got back and just leave them on the floor.
However, the point is that I am not that responsible adult. And while I completely understand missing six classes in the past two weeks because I’d rather play trading card games with myself is completely irresponsible and the actions of a child, I still continue to do it almost every day.
Other signs of my immaturity include my floor, which doubles as a dresser, my relationship with my lover, which is almost certainly unhealthy and based on unrealistic notions about love and my best friend, a 16 year old girl named Jessica who goes to Stadium High School.
Well, I should say ex best friend as the two of us are no longer talking because Jess is a stupid little back-stabber who dates Brad even though she knows you have had a crush on him since junior high.
I mean, really Jessica? Is that what six months of friendship is worth to you? It isn’t even about Brad anymore. He is a jerk who made fun of your lisp. I trusted you. And you ruined me.
Perhaps Jessica’s betrayal is another lesson needed to truly reach adulthood.
As we grow older, it’s important to reflect on previous decisions to learn.
I have learned you cannot trust anyone, even your closest friends, with anyone or anything.
Because, in this dog eat dog world, everyone is just looking for scraps they can get ahead with. Today it’s Jessica, tomorrow it’s Ton Rhom.
Bon Jovi said it best when he wrote “it’s all the same, only the names will change.”
I would like to end on a high note: While I am not an adult yet, simply writing this article has made me one step closer.
And I think that’s all you can really ask for.
Maybe I’ll never be able to cook my own food, keep my room clean or go to bed at a reasonable time, but as long as I work on myself and improve every day, it doesn’t matter.
Adulthood is an unattainable perfection we strive for.
And while we can never really obtain it, the point is to never stop trying.