Freeset combats poverty and sex trafficking in Sonagachi

When Kerry and Annie Hilton and their four children moved to Kolkata (Calcutta), India in 1999 with a mission to live with the poor, they didn’t realize that two years later they would be changing the lives of over 180 women. When they first moved into their three-bedroom apartment, they were astonished to realize how much the neighborhood changed at night. During the day, Kolkata may seem like a normal, albeit more impoverished, Indian neighborhood. At night, however, Kolkata became the largest red light district in the city of Sonagachi....

Peace Corps offers opportunities for graduating students

Although some students opt for studying abroad during their college careers, there are many who do not get the chance to travel the world learning new languages and meeting people of different cultures. Many of those same students may worry that they won’t ever get to leave the country for an extended period in the same way they would have been able to while in school. The Peace Corps offers the chance for students to have the experience they may have missed during college. The Peace Corps has been around...

Day of Service puts emphasis on human dignity and beauty

Upbeat gospel music filled Kilworth Chapel in celebration of the life of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., reminding students of his tremendous achievements and his impact on the world. The 26th celebration of Dr. King’s Day of Service was originally scheduled to occur on the Martin Luther King, Jr.  Day of Service but was postponed due to snow. The invocation began with a short speech by ASUPS President Marcus Luther, in which he spoke of collective human beauty and about how much Dr. King believed in that truth....

Students return from abroad with stories and new insight

The idea of studying abroad might be a scary prospect for many students. Puget Sound provides several chances for students to figure out whether or not they  want to consider going away for a whole semester to a completely different country, encouraging the notion that studying abroad offers a variety of unique opportunities:  to experience different education structures and cultural exploration. But making the decision to go can be a tough one, especially if students don’t quite know how to get started or who to talk to. Although Puget Sound...

The meaning of ‘home’

The holidays are a time during which families can get together to celebrate and eat lots of delicious food. For college students the holidays often entail returning home, but, as the years go by, some may question what going home really means. Some students at Puget Sound—especially those who live on campus—may feel at home in their dorm room. It is a place to eat, sleep, work and socialize. For eight months out of the year, students devote their days working hard to get good grades,spending a greater part of...

Chemistry magic wows students

On Oct. 20, the Chemistry Club presented the much loved annual Chemistry Magic Show. The show started dramatically with a huge explosion, which blew the top off a trash can. Professor Tim Hoyt—fondly known as the Wiz—amazed the audience by performing a series of tricks from changing the color of different liquids to demonstrating the properties of different types of gasoline. The show provided an interesting way to reveal the magical qualities of chemistry with an ease that could not be matched. It was obvious the Wiz could not have...
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