Crafty Connie’s helpful hints for do-it-yourself plumbing

Plumbing problems are all too common in the domestic world. Today, our distinguished guest plumber Randy P. Ipelayer will offer up convenient DIY solutions to your flow-related problems. Domestic Dilemma #1: Hey Randy, the drain in my shower keeps backing up. Now I just take really shallow baths. Help! That sounds disgusting! I can only assume everything below your ankles is now coated in a nice crust of shame. There might even be some crusty shame on your socks. Once you get yourself clean, either by using your weird roommate’s...

Grassroots Campaigns Inc. sued over abusive labor practices: Critics say outsourced activism can be exploitative

A campaign against hate? Save our wilderness in a summer? A job for an international charity? Name an issue on the progressive buffet, and there’s probably an advertisement on Craigslist to join the good fight with organizations like The Fund for Public Interest, Dialogue Direct or Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. With a promised compensation of $1400-$2200 per month, no one seems to be promising limitless riches. But to be paid anything to advocate for a personal passion might seem, on the surface, like a dream job for an idealistic student with...

Crafty Connie’s hints for your alternative spring break

Your domestic dilemma: Crafty Connie, I need an arts and crafts project for spring break, or else I’ll die of loneliness and boredom! Crafty Connie’s solution: Arts and crafts are a great way to pass the time! In fact, they are better than sitting around and waiting to die until you light your hair on fire with that mini-blowtorch! You can use them to decorate your home, so people can realize how artsy and crafty and quirky you are! In this week’s article, I’ll detail three arts and crafts projects...

Crafty Connie’s tips for an effortless, efficient moving day

Here in Tacoma, spring is in the air. It smells exactly like winter (pulp mill and dog poop), but with the imminent threat of moving day. Also, jobless day. Employment is your problem—but moving? Crafty Connie is here to help. Moving day is dreaded far and wide by anyone who has ever participated. The domestic sphere, unsurprisingly, is hard to fit through doorways. The most effective way to move your things, however, is not by picking them up yourself. The most effective way to move your things is to get...

Al-Anon joins campus Alcoholics Anonymous program

Linoleum flooring, folding metal chairs, harsh florescent lighting— even devoid of people, the setting seems familiar from pop culture depictions. The concrete stairs leading to the Kilworth Memorial Chapel basement are tucked away near a loading dock, and the ceiling panels inside are various stained shades of off-white. Every Friday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Al-Anon meeting at the University of Puget Sound convenes here. The meetings are open to students as well as community members. Counseling, Health and Wellness Services (CHWS) physician’s assistant...

Teaching demo to take center stage in hiring decisions

Like any business, the University of Puget Sound faces the problem of employee turnover. The unique nature of some higher education jobs, however, means that the consequences of hiring decisions are long-lasting. Hiring a new professor means making at least a multi-year commitment, and perhaps some years down the line, addressing the potential near-untouchable status of tenure. At Puget Sound, the process for hiring new professors is arduous and long, with a careful eye towards the consequences of a poor choice: lowered teaching quality for students and a step back...
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