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School over-waters grass; sticks it to Californians

As California’s drought worsens, Puget Sound has decided to take action in response to the severity of the environmental disaster. Unfortunately for California, the University has decided to gloat their abundance of the precious resource, instead of instituting any beneficial measures toward conservation. Students may have noticed the first step in the school’s boasting began with the abuse of the sprinkler system-- often irrigating the lawns while it is already raining in order to display their dominance over California. Most believe the source of this behavior stems from the large...
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On a Scale of Zero to Six: The Kinsey Scale Unpacked

The question of the extent of one’s sexuality is one that has long haunted the Puritan idealism of America, threatening to shake the foundation of America’s sexual expectations. Yet that foundation seemed more or less durable until a man named Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956) came along and shattered America’s conceptions of sexuality with his studies, and in particular, with something that is mentioned frequently but little understood – the Kinsey Scale. As one of the most influential pioneers of sex research in the twentieth century, Dr. Alfred Kinsey broke barriers when...
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New Student Poll: Even White People Tired of White People’s Bullshit

Today’s article is brought to you by Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo: If Something F***ed Up Is Happening, It’s Probably An Old White Man Trying to Make Money. Speaking of old men who are using white privilege to further control the country, the ever-fun midterm elections have ended. For all those who may not know, the midterm elections are a very clear reminder of how outstanding our representative democracy is. At least for the people that really matter: rich, old white men. Yes these outstanding citizens are the ones that truly...
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Dirty talk sparks debate on respect in the bedroom

Usually silence is golden, although not always in the bedroom. Some people think that they need to buy a new product in order to make their sex life exciting, but there is often an easy fix: dirty talk. Dirty talk does not have to be an art form, it can range from using a few explicit words and phrases in the bedroom to playing out an entire fantasy. Of course, if you want to start talking dirty, it’s important to chat with your partner beforehand so you’re both aware of...
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Seahawks 12th man ban continues

On October 12 the Seattle Seahawks fans were removed from play by head referee John Turfel after the Seahawks scored in the third quarter and their behavior became uncontrollable. It took two and a half hours to remove all Seahawks fans from the stadium, but the game eventually resumed. “It felt like a scrimmage, there was only a handful Cowboys fans who stuck around, and it was dead silent” starting quarterback, Russell Wilson, said, “I’ll admit it was very relaxing not being yelled at for two and a half hours...
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College perfect time to experiment with fetishes and kinks

College, as we know, is a time for experimenting (and not just in Biology lab). We make a lot of discoveries about ourselves during our college years. Through this experimentation we are able to figure out our own likes and dislikes on a range of topics, including our sexual desires and kinks. Understanding sexual preferences is hard, and accepting them is even harder. Unfortunately, fetishes and kinks are highly stigmatized in our culture. To be clear, according to the Kinsey Institute at the University of Indiana, a fetish is “a...
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Yik Yak: Quickly Becoming The Most Popular Thing for First Years Since The Lanyard!

For those of you who like jokes about Lanyards (which are always hilarious) then you are going to love Yik Yak. Some of you may be asking “What is Yik Yak?” or “Is that some sort of type of throat cancer?” Well, Yik Yak is an app that is taking the college world by storm, even more than the actually storms that are starting to roll in. This app allows you to post a message to a message board that people in your area can see. And here’s the kicker:...
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Minority feminist movements: media and the role of the majority

With the 2014 Race and Pedagogy Conference in full swing this past weekend, it seemed fitting to do research on minority feminist movements. Any discussion in this article will revolve around the information and commentary on the web.  This is, of course, where most feminist discussion takes place nowadays. Occasionally we will see the jaw-dropping public display, such as Beyonce’s VMA performance, where the word “Feminist” was proudly shining in lights behind her. Recently we even saw former Harry Potter star Emma Watson deliver a speech to the U.N. inviting...
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Title IX and you: law gives students more options

As the school year begins, a natural amount of nervousness surfaces about what this semester will mean in terms of friendships, new romantic relationships, hookups, and yes, perhaps some schoolwork as well. While all these concerns are normal, for some of us there may be a bit of anxiety about what to do in case we have a sexual encounter that does not follow the rules of consent, an incident of sexual harassment or discrimination based on our sexual or gender identities. Of course, whenever such an incident occurs on...
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