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Yik Yak: Quickly Becoming The Most Popular Thing for First Years Since The Lanyard!

For those of you who like jokes about Lanyards (which are always hilarious) then you are going to love Yik Yak. Some of you may be asking “What is Yik Yak?” or “Is that some sort of type of throat cancer?” Well, Yik Yak is an app that is taking the college world by storm, even more than the actually storms that are starting to roll in. This app allows you to post a message to a message board that people in your area can see. And here’s the kicker: Its anonymous. This means that all of you out there who are crushing on that cute person in your class that is way out of your league can now post your heartache for all to see, with no repercussions!

In a recent interview with the creative team at Yik Yak  (creative being used very loosely here) there was one statement that stood out from all the rest: “When we heard that Twitter was being called the most impersonal app, we said challenge accepted. And we rose to that challenge and made our app.” Keeping that in mind, we here at the Flail decided to provide a comprehensive break down of all the wonderful types of conversations that can take place over this wonderful new app (Warning: If you are looking for any type of remotely intelligent conversation grounded in reality or jokes that weren’t stolen from the internet, please do not download this app for any reason).

The first category on this list is what we like to call Grass Related Jokes. About as funny as it sounds, the most popular category contains people making jokes about how the grounds keeping at this school takes place. These folks are the most boring people in real life, spending time observing things such as sprinkler patterns and keeping track of how long it takes grass to grow. However, by the time you are reading this, they will have probably moved on to other things such as watching paint dry.

Our next category is the Never Ending Puns. The most popular of these being the folks who said they attended the Race and Pedagucci Conference. These fine citizens are constantly found discussing which animal pun is best. They claim they are not lion when they say that life without animal puns would be irrelephant (which is honestly a bunch of bull). Simply put, these are not the most popular of posts and required much searching out to find them. After putting in all that effort, it makes one begin to wonder, are these people as hawkward in real life as they are in social media.

The final category is…. well… everything else. There is so much to discover and then forget about within five seconds on Yik Yak. A most recent post said, “Danny Glover is the most talented man alive.” Comments on this post were just as riveting. One person said, “Great comedian, rapper, singer, actor, writer.” Another disagreed, saying “I like him a lot but I wouldn’t call him the most talented man alive.” These types of conversations can keep you on the edge of your seat late into the night when you should be studying. It really is quite fascinating, although some people have said there is a conspiracy arising from this.

People have begun to fear that Yik Yak is a test by our government to see what people can be eliminating from the population for being too stupid to exist safely in society. There have been recent instances where the kid who said, “I is good today” was in a mysterious accident. Whether this is because people who go on Yik Yak are stupid already, it is too soon to tell. Whatever the case, it shall be interesting to see where Yik Yak will take us in its sure to be long and prosperous existence. Whatever happens, I will leave you with this last piece of advice: If someone posts about a party on Yik Yak at an address that sounds like it doesn’t exist, it still probably does and you should go wander around for hours for everyone to watch until you find it. Nice talking to you.